Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bangkok Nov 2010 (3)

Day 4: We went back to Health Land again for another round of two hours massage. This time round, the masseurs weren't as good as the other day. They look younger, so perhaps they don't have much experience (and strength) yet? Anyway, after that, it was Chatuchak again for Sis and I! Yeah, it's amazing that we wanted to go back after spending the whole day there the previous day.

Really crowded on a Sunday...
Squid salad; Minced pork and tang hoon salad

Our first stop upon reaching Chatuchak was to have our lunch first (since we didn't have breakfast). And guess what? We simultaneously agreed that it was back to the place we had lunch yesterday! Ha! Just for those chicken wings. I wasn't kiddin' when I said they were super tasty. In fact, we ordered two plates of chicken wings this time round (four wings each). It was such fantabulous chomping down on those crispy wings...I wish I had some with me right now.

Super cute polka dotted Volkswagon!
Stall selling chandeliers; Uber white (accessories) stall

I didn't buy anything at the market this time round, it was merely just walking around and catching up on the stalls we missed out on the previous day. Okay, so I did bought something - an enamel plate and bowl for food photography props. Does that count? ;)

After returning to the hotel for a short rest, it was time to bid adieu to Daddy as the adults were going back a day earlier than us. They left for the airport, while we took the free shuttle bus to Central World. It's cheaper to get lingerie in Bangkok as they're much cheaper compared to Singapore. However, a classic moment in our trip - when we asked the security guy where's Zen (it's a section of the mall) cos we couldn't seem to locate the place, the security guy replied - "Zen? Zen no more, you know, bomb?" *mimes bomb action* Like O.M.G. How bimbotic were the two of us? We were so focused on shopping that the fact that there were bombings in Bangkok a couple months ago was completely lost on the both of us. Sigh. The two hopeless sisters. Then again, it made for a good laugh. :)

There was an Isetan there too, so we did manage to get our hands on some lingerie in the end. Then, stomachs growling, we gravitated towards a place we ate at on our last trip and loved - Yum Saap.

Yum Saap; Pork and sweet basil Mama noodles; Papaya salad with preserved crabs; Grilled pork

You see, the reason why we loved the place was that there was this noodles we tried - Mama noodles, and it was love at first bite. The noodles were springy, and seasoned to perfection. There were a variety of salad dishes that used the Mama noodles, and the one we ordered on our last trip tasted so good that it left a memorable impression on us both. So we definitely had planned ahead to include Yum Saap as one of our meals in Bangkok. :)

The pork and sweet basil Mama noodles were salty sweet and tasted good. The papaya salad with preserved crabs were a little weird though - the crabs part that is. I didn't really like the taste of the preserved crabs, but I think it's a Thai thing though, cos they sell them everywhere I go. The grilled pork here was a bit fatty, I prefer the one we had at Taling Pling more.

Spicy Mama noodles salad

And this is the dish that hooked our tastebuds. The spicy noodles salad. *smacks lips in appreciation. Oh, and I hailed the waiter to ask if these noodles can be found at supermarts (cos I remember seeing Mama noodles salad at one of MBK foodcourt stalls), and he said yes! So, after our dinner, we hurridly rushed up to level 7, where there was a supermart, whereupon a whole row of instant Mama noodles packs stared back at us. Our basket was only filled with instant noodles. Four packs to be exact. ;)

Empty luggage; Filled

We were so tired that we took a cab back to the hotel, and proceeded to start packing our luggages. Hmm. It's surprising how we bought a huge empty luggage, but we easily filled it up within like ten minutes of packing. Wow.


Day 5: It was Platinum Mall again to finish up our unshopped levels and revisit stores with items that we marked as KIV. Breakfast consisted of crepes and waffles at the basement. Then it was off for shopping! We did pause for lunch around 2ish, we walked over to the nearby A&W for curly fries and waffles. Seriously, they should reopen A&W in Singapore, I have alot of friends who are fans of A&W curly fries and waffles...

Fried chicken; Curly fries and root beers
Fries + Waffles = Love
Waiting for shuttle bus to the Airport Rail
New buys from head to toe - New hat, new girly maxi, new sandals and new bag.
Last meal at airport - Beef steak noodles and Mama noodles salad

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