Monday, November 01, 2010

Royal China

Can I just add in a note that before we got to the below scene, it took us several tries to book a table at Royal China for a weekend dim sum affair. Yes. Several tries. While I've been to Royal China twice before, both for its ala carte dinner (which was awesome), I had heard good things about the dim sum treats at the restaurant. Thus, I was determined to get myself there by hook or crook. But the past attempts of booking just one or two days before the dining date, we were informed over the phone that reservations were full. (insert incredulous look)

So, after a long haitus from dim sum, I decided that it was time again for some yummy dim sum love, and started questioning everyone early in the week on their availability. Armed with the knowledge of everyone's availability, I called the Royal China hotline early in the week for a weekend dim sum brunch. HO! And I managed to book a table!

Table with loadsa goodies, more to come...

Royal China

The staff even called back a day before the brunch to reconfirm our attendance. How nice! Yet, when we actually arrived, the staff were kinda slow in arranging for our table. We were asked to be seated outside the restaurant while they prepare our table, but when we looked in, there were tables ready with no one occupying them and we were kept waiting! And it didn't help that we were starving that day...

Char siew buns; Steamed vegetable dumpling; Fried noodles/carrot cake?; Fried mango shrimp rolls

When the food started arriving, we practically attacked our food with much gusto. I kinda forgot what the fried brown dish depicted above - no idea whether it is a noodles dish or carrot cake dish. Hohoho.
 The food is generally just average, I have no idea where the rave reviews are from cos I've eaten better at some other places.

Char siew pastry; Custard buns; Roasted meat; Egg tarts

Haha, that lone looking char siew pastry is a really funny picture for me. As the dish was the first to arrive on the table, everyone's chopsticks just dart out and grabbed a piece, leaving the last one there (mine) while I was scrambling with my camera. Lol. I must say that the char siew pastry was not bad, flaky crust and piping hot sweet char siew meat snuggled within.

The custard buns arrived at our table, and I took one look and wanted to laugh. Just look at the pulsing yellow pus-like substance that burst outta the bun! I mean, doesn't it just look very wrong?? It looked like someone just squeezed a pimple and the pus was oozing. Eeeew. That aside, the bun was so-so, it's the salty custard bun, and I just realised that though I love custard and always order the custard buns, the salty custard ones just doesn't hit the spot as a sweet custard bun do. :)

Egg tarts. My love. These are still not the best egg tarts in Singapore. Why oh why can't I find the perfect egg tart? In my opinion, I think the best dim sum egg tarts so far are from Taste Paradise I think.

Fried carrot cake; Dough fritter wrapped rice rolls

The carrot cake was good. Pan fried till it was crispy on the outside, and dipped in chili sauce. Yums. And I love the dough fritter wrapped rice rolls. Just cos I love dough fritters. Heh.

Custard bun

After finally getting the chance to dine at Royal China for dim sum, I must be honest that I wasn't that impressed with the food. I mean, it's passable, but just not worth raving over. I think that Taste Paradise is still one of my favourite places to have dim sum in Singapore. And now that they've just opened a sister restaurant - Paradise Dynasty, the place that is known now as the place that sells the multi-coloured and flavoured xiaolongbaos. I must get myself down there pronto!

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