Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Cedele & Obolo

It's been almost two weeks since I last blogged. My my. Time really flies. I was busy training for the Standard Chartered marathon. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays were spent in the gym with my girlfriend, while Tuesdays and Thursdays were filled with dinner meetings. Weekends were left for baking and relaxing and family time. Thus, the long absence.

Thank gosh the run is over now. I'm happy that I completed my first half marathon, but disappointed that I didn't perform as well as I wanted. The first 12k was a breeze and I thought, hey, I can actually do this! Then right after that, my knees starting aching and I couldn't run even when I felt physically fine (darn my old knees)! I spent the most of the next 9k walking, pausing every now and then to apply the heat rub cream. :( It's okay, I've already made an agreement to join next year's race with one of my girlfriend! Cool. Another year to train. :)

Anyway, first post will be on my second meeting with Evan, and we decided to do brunch and desserts on the same day. Ha! A girl just after my own heart (though my waistline begs to differ cos it's expanding at an exponential rate...).

We met at the Cedele in town, and had a late brunch/lunch first to start off the day. Evan ordered the Big Breakfast set, while I ordered the Poached eggs set. My eyes couldn't be persuaded to move past the words "pancakes" on the menu, and we decided to order a plate to share. Ah. That's the joy of eating with someone who loves food just as much as I do. ;)

Big breakfast set; Pancakes; Poached eggs set
Banana cinnamon pancakes with sausages
Evan's set seemed to be good, but I couldn't say the same for mine. The poached eggs (or what they were masquerading as) were not poached at all. Rather, I would call them cooked eggs. What a disappointment. Cos I detest cooked yolks, really I do. I love yolks, but only when it's runny and gooey and drippin' all over the place. What's so yums about eating cooked balls of yolk? Them with their chalk-like taste? :(

Oh well, the pancakes made up of the let down eggs cos they were simply divine. These has become one of my top three favourite pancakes in Singapore (alongside Jones the Grocer and Spruce). Fluffy cinnamony pancakes filled with bananas that just seem to be caramelised. A thin spread of butter, and a drizzle of honey...who wants a bite?

We walked around Kinokuniya for a bit, and I got myself two new baking books, with discounts courtesy of Evan's Kino member card. Yay. Then we took the train (and a bus) to hunt down our next stop - Obolo.

Remaining pieces; Cookies; Madeleines; Mango passionfruit sorbet 

By the time we got there, there weren't much of a selection. I ordered the DYOP (Design Your Own Dessert) platter, which consist of a slice of cake, one scoop of ice cream and two macarons. I chose the macarons for take away for the Sista (one Earl Grey, one Chocolate Macadamia). I wanted to try the Le Cassis, but alas, it was sold out (and I reckon I just missed it by mere minutes, for I saw it on another table in the small shop when we walked in!!!). Chocolate was a safe choice, so I took the Noisette instead. And I picked the Mango passionfruit sorbet cos I love fruity ices.

Verrine Cristal

Evan chose the verrine cos she wanted to bring the glass home. How cool is that! That you can bring the glass home after you're done eating. I've never heard before of a cafe that allows the patron to do that. Awesome.

The Noisette was quite nicely done. I liked the crunchy feuilletine layer and the toasted hazelnuts that were studded throughout the entremet. The chocolate mousse was just a little too sweet though. 

The sorbet, was really good. I love sour ices. And the mango passionfruit sorbet was sour. Woots. I shared the macarons with the Sister and they were super nice too. A pity they were kinda pricey. It's one of the most expensive macarons I've seen selling in shops ($2.40 per piece!).

I've heard good stuff about Obolo, and it's great that I can tick it off my list of to-try places. I can't wait to go there again (though it's a bit outta the way for a Westsider like me...) to try more of their entremets. If only their macarons weren't that expensive...I would gladly buy more to try. :)


  1. i love the macarons! they are so cute and yummy!

  2. You FINALLY went to Obolo! Their macarons are nice right? I love them too just that I find them a tad sweet. But consume in moderation and they are perfect! I might just go there and buy 4 verrines to get the glasses...haha. Was it good though?

  3. My Taste Kitchen: yup they were very tasty! :)

    Allie: yup, that was er in like october haha. their macs nt too sweet what. i really liked the flavours. the verrines hmmm. i took some from evan and i didn't really like it muchos. maybe it's just me. haha.

  4. hehe, i'm reminiscing the day again :) your pics turned out really well, no such luck for me. i've been there like 4-5 times and everytime my photos are damn sucky. i really really like the mango passion sorbet, its so tangy!! the verrine was ok la, i'm more after the glass anyway :p thought the choc + lychee combination is very strange, esp when they so conveniently use canned lychees. totally no surprise at all haha.

  5. oh wait, the best thing is not abt bringing the glass home. its about the guy giving us a new glass when we asked if we could rinse it LOL. funny la haha.

  6. eee the lighting was bad lor...these pictures were at most passable. haha. and yeah i agree chocolate was just a wrong pairing.. OH YEAH. forgot bout that funny dude who gave us a clean one. gosh ur memory is good. mine is just plain bad. haha.(:


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