Thursday, December 23, 2010

Brandy caramel vanilla poached pears tart

I realised that I'm a simple girl. Erm, I meant I have simple tastes, not that I'm simple simple. I mean, gimme any common fruit and I'll be happy. While I do love my berries (raspberries especially!), and sweet juicy cherries, these fruits arent' cheap in Singapore as we import them from other countries. However, I do love my apples, oranges and pears too. Though seen as everyday fruits, I believe that simplicity works wonders for these sturdier fruits that keep well even after a few weeks in the fridge.

Poached pear tart with brandy caramel sauce
Pears and spices; Martell; Pear tart; Homemade cinnamon icecream with poached pears

I knew I was going to make these when I saw it. Spice and brandy poached pears. Brandy caramel sauce. Hello? Do I need to elaborate further? It's double the booze people. 'Nuff said.

Drizzling the brandy caramel sauce over the tart...

Just look at the thick golden amber hue the brandy caramel brandy sauce. I dare you to tell me that you aren't drooling at the sight of the rich gold colour. Couple that with the heady intoxicating smell of brandy...Sorry folks, I've yet to invent something that allows you to smell the sauce through the computer screen (I'll be uber rich if I do...kays, just wishful thinking.)

Great stuff

Recipe for the pear tart can be found here (originally pear galettes, but I converted it into a single tart form cos you know, I'm lazy like that). I halved the recipe proportions, and omitted the almond paste for the pastry cream. I'll note the proportions of the brandy caramel sauce here cos it's really too good, and if you're just looking for a recipe for a great caramel sauce and not a tart or anything, here's one for you. The brandy really carries the caramel sauce to a whole new different level. Really.

Brandy caramel sauce (adapted from Todd at White on Rice Couple)

100g sugar
1/6 c brandy
1/6 c water
1 cinnamon stick

Put sugar and few drops of water (I wet my hand and just shake the water drops into the pan) in a small, heavy bottom saucepan. Allow sugar to melt and caramelize, stirring just occasionally.  After sugar reaches a nice deep golden brown, remove from heat and carefully add brandy and water (it will bubble viciously for a bit). Place back on heat and allow to bubble for a bit then stir well to incorporate the liquid with the caramel. Continue heating until you are able to dissolve all of the caramel into the liquid.  Add cinnamon stick and set aside to cool.


  1. Did you say brandy sauce? That sold me from the get-go. A friend just gifted me a rectangular tart pan she no longer needed. I think I know what I'll be making in it now, too. ;)


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