Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wild Honey (revisited)

Wild Honey seems to be a popular dining place among my friends and family members. I've been back there twice since my last post. I met my cousin and a girlfriend for dinner and the three of us ordered four sets. Ooooo, greedy.

the Basque; the Belgian

I ordered the Basque, and I must say, their homemade brioche bread is certainly as good as I had remembered it to be. I think they serve it with quite a number of their sets - think English, Basque, Tunisian, European. I liked that the eggs were softly scrambled (not overcooked dry tasteless egg bits), and the cooked sweet peppers were a perfect match with the eggs on top of the toasted brioche. I'm not a huge fan of heavily salted meat, so most of the prosciutto was sadly neglected at the side of the plate...(my Sis would have a fit if she were there...)

It was my cousin's first visit to the place, and she ordered the English set. Excellent choice for starters cos their English set is one of the nicest sets as it encompasses a whole lot of goodies. No complaints there...

We were stuffed, but we had ordered a sweet set to share - the Belgian. The soft fluffy waffles topped with toasted coconut bits were heavenly. I liked the coconut bits. ;)

the European

My girlfriend, whom I had visited Wild Honey with in my previous post, is a frequent customer at the place. I swear she's been there like countless of times already and has finished trying most of their breakfast sets. Ha! She ordered the European, which I've not yet tried before, but will do so the next time, just look at that gooey yolk!

Lattes and cappuccinos 

Sister suggested heading to Wild Honey for a brunch session one weekend morning. So there we were at 10am, and already a long queue outside. It took us say, an hour and and a half to get our seats. By then, I was mad starving, and I kept suggesting "You know..there's Jone's the Grocer's just upstairs you know...must we have Wild Honey?" But anyway, since we've already queued for so long, we stuck on to the end and finally got our table after a long wait. That's weekends for you. Previously, I've never had to wait for my tables at Wild Honey when I went there during dinner time on weekdays. Now I know better. The weekends are in a different league altogether...

I've never had the chance to try Wild Honey's coffee cos I'm not a coffee drinker at night cos the caffeine buzz is sure to keep me from my sleep. So this time round, as it was over brunch, I ordered a latte to try. Hmmm, passable coffee I guess, I can honestly say I'm no coffee connoisseur lol.

the English; the Canadian

It was Daddy's first time there too and guess what, it was one too many sets again for the four people dining. Five for four. Go figure. Lol. Sis had the English, while I had the Canadian. The pancakes were nothing special, great berry sauce accompaniment though, but definitely not a a contender for my top three pancakes places in Singapore.

the Californian; the Italian

The adults had the Californian and the Basque, and we were all supposed to shared the Italian. I was so full from sharing the English and the Canadian with the Sis, that I just took a nibble from the Italian. We left the place after an hour plus or so of dallying (hey, we gotta make sure we spent enough time there to make up for our long wait!) stuffed to the brim.

I'll still be dining at Wild Honey in future I foresee, for the deliciously soft homemade brioche, but I think I'll stick to doing that during weekday dinners, where it is slightly quieter, and I have no need to join the ever long queue that forms outside the tiny place during the weekends...

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