Sunday, April 25, 2010

Gimme some macs.

Remember like a month or so ago in March, I mentioned that while I was at Jurong Point meeting a girlfriend for dinner and movie, when I saw that Bakerzin was having their monthly promotions for macarons? Well, I knew that I was definitely going to get my hands on some, as they were $6 for a box of six macarons. I'm not that big a fan of macarons, I mean I won't especially go all the way to make them specially or something, I only ever make macarons when I have leftover egg whites from making other deserts. But looking at the list of macaron flavours that Bakerzin offered, I couldn't resist temptation as they sounded really good.

Well, technically I don't really love macarons, I just...enjoy. Yes, the word is enjoy.

Now, that I can agree - Love sweets, love life.
L-R: Caramel Original; Teh Tarik; Scarlet; Caramel with G.E Massenez; Chocolate; Black Sesame

The lady serving me at the counter was really nice, she allowed me to choose which box I wanted patiently. When I mentioned that I wanted the one with the pear liquor, she picked up several of the boxes with the pear liquor macaron to let me decide which overall combination I wanted.

Black sesame and Chocolate macarons

I've tried the Black sesame macarons before, and I thought that it was pretty good. The macaron this time didn't disappoint. It had a really nutty black sesam-ish taste. Out of the six macarons, it was the one with the shiniest shell, looking the sexiest among its sister macarons. The colour was really really black, unlike my previous attempt at making black sesame macarons, where the macs were NOT BLACK in any way. I wonder if they use tons of charcoal powder to make it that black. Or black food colouring. Hmmm.

The Chocolate macaron was not one of my favourites. It was a really common flavour, and if given my way, it wouldn't have been in my box if I get to choose all of the flavours myself. The taste was nothing spectacular, just like how a normal chocolate flavoured macaron would taste like, but the buttercream filling for this was just a tad too buttery for my liking.

Scarlet and Caramel with G.E Massenez macarons

The Scarlet was actually a vanilla macaron with vanilla cream and a strawberry basil jelly in the middle. It was a light cream colour with specks of pink colouring littering the top shell. This macaron had a really light taste on the tastebuds, it was not naturally sweet as one might associate with the thought of macarons. The strawberry gelee flavour was very obvious, it covered up any hint of vanilla I might have tasted otherwise. Though the flavour was strong, it was more of a berry scent and I couldn't detect the basil flavour.

The Caramel with G.E Massenez was a caramel macaron with a pear liquor flavour. This was my second favourite macaron out of the six. With the first bite, I could immediately taste the delicate pear flavour, with subsequent second and third bites, the hints of caramel was brought out and I couldn't really distinguish the pear liquor taste I had in my first mouth. Nevertheless, if the Black sesame macaron was the sexiest macaron, this is hands down the prettiest macaron from the six ones.  It had two different colour shells with gold dust sprinkled on top. How more visually appealing can a macaron get?

Teh Tarik and Caramel Original macarons

My favourite macaron had to be the Teh Tarik flavoured one. It was a surprise as I didn't expect it to be my favourite and I was really lucky my chosen box had this winner in it. The teh tarik flavour was really really obvious, it had a teh bing taste to it when I was munching on my half. I was tempted to finish the whole macaron, but I didn't. Self-control. I hope this is a permanent flavour on the menu and I would look forward to trying it again when Bakerzin have their next macarons promotion. Hee.

The Caramel original was only average in terms of taste and appearance. It wasn't as special as its caramel pear liquor counterpart I tried. It was a straight out caramel macaron, fuss-free.

I divided all the macarons in half, and left the remaining halves in the fridge for my sister to try. I tasted my halves to introduce the flavours on my blog. Sister, in the end, didn't get to try my favourite - the Teh Tarik one and one other macaron I forgot which, cos I think my dad sneaked them into his stomach when neither of us were looking. What a pity. The Teh Tarik one was really really good. I wish I knew how they made it, I'm really interested in trying my hand at creating that flavour at home. Hee. Hmmmm, packet powdered teh tarik? I wonder, I wonder...


  1. euk i dont like macarons. they are like the sweetest thing i've ever tasted. Boo i miss eating the lil candle-like cup of fruity jelly!

  2. I finally made my way to lindt cafe and bought their big fat macaroons. I am a very happy girl! but I polished it off before taking any photos babe. :(


  3. haha ade go make some yourself! lols.

    jams, oooo macs! what flavours man hee.

  4. haha ade go make some yourself! lols.

    jams, oooo macs! what flavours man hee.

  5. euk i dont like macarons. they are like the sweetest thing i've ever tasted. Boo i miss eating the lil candle-like cup of fruity jelly!


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