Monday, April 19, 2010

Black Angus Steakhouse

A few weeks back, Sis took leave to have lunch with me and also, squeeze in a mini shopping trip to Bugis. She was craving beef, so what better to have than a big juciy steak? We popped by the Black Angus steakhouse near the NUS Law school at Bukit Timah. We went around a merry chase trying to locate the place, and finally had to call the restaurant to ask where they were at. Haha.

Finally, we arrive for our steak feast.

I love the pretty lights hanging from the ceiling...

Starter salads and soup; Sis steak with vegetables.

Sis ordered the set lunch, it came with a soup, salad and dessert. Her beef soup was not too shabby, the salads were okay, I mean how wrong can you get with salads? Just don't give me wilted greens and I'm a satisfied girl. Throw in some dressing with a zing and you've won me over. Black Angus salad was okay I guess, nothing that screams but neither didit sucked or anything. Sis's steak, as was mine, was done medium rare. It was really yums, and cos mine was done a bit too rare for my liking, when we were down to the last few mouths, we exchanged steaks. Hoho.

My steak with garlic mash and steamed vegetables.

Totally awesome mushroom truffle sauce; Medium rare steak

As you can see from the above bloody juicy steak, it was really a bit too rare lar. But then again, the sauce. Oh man the sauce. I can totally remember how yums the sauce was. The truffle-y goodness. The mushroom. The aroma was intoxicating on the tastebuds. Man. I wish they provided a bigger portion of it so I can like dunk bread in or something. Haha. Not that I'm saying that the portion was insufficient or anything. 

Chocolate cake dessert

As the cake was part of the set lunch, I wasn't expecting anything spectacular. I was right. The cake totally taste very cake-box-mix-like, and the frosting was damn sweet. Surprisingly, the Sister liked it. She said she like such cake-box-mix-like taste. Weird. Can't fault her for having funny tastebuds. Oh well, the plate was empty in the end somehow.

The place was nice, and since we visited on a weekday lunch, it wasn't too crowded. I assume most of the patrons were students at the nearby NUS campus, or like people who work nearby and had transport. Though they had a dresscode sign at the outside of the restaurant, I did see people who were dressed down (students) and stuff. So maybe their dresscode isn't that strict, or maybe it just applies at night? Who knows?

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