Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Childhood fantasies

When a woman was just a little girl, she most likely (90% of the female population I bet!) often daydreamed that she was a princess and made up stories to go with her fantasies. I'm a girly girl, so I definitely belong in the party of 90% (estimated accordingly to me, the expert on females. Ha!). The disney princesses were a shoe in for my stories. My favorites include Aurora from Sleeping Beauty, Cinderalla from (duh!) Cinderella and Snow White from (well duh again) Snow White.

I remember on my seventeenth or wait, was it eighteenth (oh well one of my teenth birthday anyways), my girlfriends surprised me at midnight at my house with candles, a cake and my present. They had bought the Disney's Princess Treasury for me. I remember being so happy cos which girl (in my mind) doesn't love a good happy-ever-after story (in this case, since it's a compilation of Disney Princesses, it's stories).

I found this image on one of my daily reads, and it brought to mind little girls, whimsical stories, prince charmings and also, evil witches. Ha. I mean, one must be realistic rights, there's always a badass in any story that one is bound to hate. Smirks.

Isn't that cool? Real-life princesses? I mean, as illustrated from the lookalike celebrities. Sleeping Beauty and Beauty look pretty as Taylor Swift and Anne Hatheaway respectively. Gorgeous celebrities with youthful complexions and striking eyes in all the pictures. This made my day. It would be cool if Disney comes up with real life Disney Princess stories using real life celebrities, not the cartoon animation. I would be first in line to catch the movies man.

Now where's my Prince Charming? I'm still waiting for him to ride up on his horse, so I can kick him off it, and question him what took him so long. Haha. (:


  1. hahaha aww such a cute post! was that katy perry or zooey deschanel for snow white? either way, they're both pretty and that says a lot abt me being pretty too hee :D your prince charming can't smell the goodies you've baked, so bake more pls!

  2. Hey good question man. At first glance I thought it was Katy Perry, but now that you mention it..it could be Zooey Deschanel too. Man those two really look alike haha. Disgusting lar you praise yourself...Tsk! Excuse me I bake so much if he can't smell still, he must have had a problem with his nose! LOL.

  3. Or maybe your prince charming, like yours truly, doesnt like sweet stuff. Prolly u can fry chips?!?! Or make more bento with xtra rice muahhah


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