Friday, March 13, 2015


Hmmm, I'm not sure if it's due to my age, but in the past two months or so, an increasing number of people around me have volunteered to introduce available single guys to me. Insert my typical "whuuuuut?" expression. I mean, when it's not just one, two, three, but more people doing that, I guess it's my cue to stop and think, "Hey, wait a minute, what's going on?"

Family, friends and colleagues have been openly asking me if I want to meet 'so-and-so' that they know, who is very nice, and well, is single. I've been single for quite some time, and with all my close friends getting attached/married, they are wrapped up in the whole rosy bubble of lurrrve that they want everyone else around them to be paired up too.

My usual reaction to their well-meaning question, would be to laugh. I know. How un-nice of me. But I must clarify. I laugh whenever something awkward like this occurs because I don't really know how else to respond. I'm not jumping at the opportunity because of several reasons.

I won't say I'm particularly mindful about the fact that I'm single, but just that, it can get a lil' tiring when you are always the odd one out in groups, because everyone else is just paired off; or when people assume you are attached (yes, I swear half my office colleagues think my bro-in-law is my boyfriend just because we go to work together) and you have to repeat to whoever asks that no, you're single, and get the "don't bluff!" that accompanies your statement; or like being a bridesmaid for the seventh time (#truestory) and wondering secretly if that whole superstitious bridesmaid curse is actually true. To put it simply, have a read of this article here and understand what I mean.

Well, I mean, I always believe that you can't control what happens when, as I'd like to believe that everything happens in due course. I'm not 100% against the idea of meeting someone new through introductions, I like meeting new people (most of the time anyway), but it's just the thought of how awkward it might be for both parties because of the reason behind the introduction that make me cringe and shrink back.

Well, I'm the kind that would probably never not approach a guy first to get to know the person better because I'm shy, contrary to what many people might think. There's definitely a certain tinge of apprehensiveness (apt article on it here), so I doubt I'll actually do anything to get to know that person better. 

Perhaps I should just say "okay" to those who have offered to introduce their friends/cousins/acquaintances. I mean, no harm just meeting new people right? I'll just need to fight the urge to laugh out loud whenever someone brings up the topic of introducing "XXX" to me and just say a simple "sure!". 

You never know what might happen yeah? Who knows, what is meant to happen, will happen eventually anyway. And, like what my Dad said today (in response to a question I posed to him on why he always farts in front of me) - "You just can't control it."


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