Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Jewel Cafe + Bar

My cafe buddy and I popped by a new spot a few months back.

Jewel Coffee + Bar

The cafe at Rangoon St is actually a second outlet. The original flagship Jewel Coffee cafe is at Shenton Way. I rarely head to the CBD area since my office is somewhere far far away, and I'm even less inclined to head there during the weekends. I didn't mind checking out Jewel Cafe + Bar as it was a relatively straightforward drive from my place to the cafe.

The cafe opened early this year, and I wasn't surprised to see that it was pretty packed when we reached there in the early afternoon. The in-their-twenties generation love nothing better but to chill out and hang out with their friends at cafes. It's like the (almost) national hobby.

OMG indeed...
OMG burger
A cuppa; A wobby yolk
Croque Monsieur

Food was great. I had the OMG burger, while the girlfriend had the croque monsieur. The OMG burger was the epitome of meatiness. It was a three-in-one meat party in there with a juicy beef patty, pan-fried sinful luncheon meat and crispy bacon. I thought that the saltiness of the luncheon meat was a great addition to the savoury dish, but as I'm not really a bacon fan, so I sorta picked out some of it from the burger to reduce my sodium intake. The girlfriend's croque monsieur was also pretty good from the mouthful I tried.

Coffee was decent, I can't really remember it, but nothing bad about it. I guess I gotta revisit to refresh my memory? Considering the fact that I only post my reviews a few months after I patronise the place, I better take down some notes somewhere or other hey?

I certainly wouldn't mind dropping by again to try their other dishes, especially since they do dinners too...

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