Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Flock Cafe

So. There's this really nice cafe at Tiong Bahru. I came across it when I was around the area for lunch one weekday. I had driven by, and happened to spot a new cafe around the bend. There are already a couple cafes in that area, so I just made a note to pop by some day.

Fast forward a few months later. I was in the area again for lunch  (I must say I love Tiong Bahru Market for its wide variety of lunch options - it's within drive-able distance from my office too!) and had some time before I gotta head back to work. I decided to pop in for a take-away coffee, but changed my mind to have it there after my colleague said we still had time. ;)

The coffee was good, so I decided to make plans to revisit it with some friends for brunch.

Flock Cafe

Brunch [Instagram-ed]

The croissant was really flaky and delicious.My girlfriend and I ordered it first while we were waiting for another pal to reach the place. It did took a while to arrive at our table that we were joking that it had better be good (because we were starving). I thought that it was really good (considering that cafes don't specialise at baked pastries usually). Wonder where they get their supplies from...

Banana french toast and crispy bacon; Eggs Sally
Sticky yolky mess

In addition to our french toast and eggs benedict with smoked salmon, we had also ordered a plate of Pork cheek and Gruyere sandwich (in the Insta photo above). The pork cheese sandwich was my favourite. The panini bread was really good, and the pork cheek was really flavourful. But the girlfriends and I all agreed that the amount of pork cheek was too little, we would have loved it if they had put more of the pork cheek in the sandwich...

Brunch in general was quite good. Decent food and coffee in a laid back neighbourhood. That's exactly what I like. Will definitely head back for a cuppa again whenever I'm around the area for lunch next time!

Cuppa from my first visit [Instagram-ed]

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