Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Color Run Singapore 2013

I had a really happy weekend thanks to the inaugural 5km Color Run Singapore. My girlfriends and I signed up for the Sunday (it's a two days event) session, which was held at Sentosa Siloso Beach. It's a run where every one 1km, you will be showered with a different coloured powder (thus the event name).

The Before: The White Party

Actually, to be honest, it wasn't a run. It was a walk. The five of us (plus one of my friend's boyfriend) all but ran the first 1 km, then walked the rest of the way. Everyone we saw were doing the same too. We were all one big colourful party walking from one colour station to the other. Ha! It was a really carefree "run".

In fact, the one thing that really stood out in my mind that made this run so different from all the other runs I've ever taken part in - at the starting point, no one was decked in omg-I'm-about-to-run-a-goddamn-XX-km faces, while stretching their still lethargic limbs (hey, all the other runs are normally in the mornings, and this was held at 5pm in the afternoon!). Everyone was chattering happily and snapping photos, there was a super happy vibe in the air, all of us raring to start. Me? I was busy being super happy leaping about in excitement. Yeah, you can totally imagine how that would have looked like. Not.

They were throwing coloured powder at the crowd in batches before the race began. And I was unabashedly exclaiming for pink and purple powders. While bopping along the the infectious party music that was blasting that is.

I swear after the first 1km, when I saw the first colour station ahead, I *sheepishly* yelled out loud "HEY IT'S PINK IT'S PINK COLOUR IN FRONT!!!" [Caps to show how excited I was at that point of time]. Smirks. You can totally laugh at how ditz I sounded.

After the pink and blue stations, we decided that the grass was a good spot to lie in.

Yellow station

Final red stop 

The After: Color Party!

And just to show how happy we all were, the girlfriends and I just jumped and jumped several times for the heck of it. Lol. At the age of twenty five-going-on-six. Ha! Stuff that we were so excitedly doing like five years ago, we are doing it now. Oh heck, we are still young *coughs* hey? I'm not even twenty six yet technically since my birthday's not till November ha!

Epic standing hair moment

Photos courtesy from one of my girlfriend's boyfriend, who was so kind to fetch us to and fro the event, and also helped us with the photographs. A couple were taken on my phone, and I touched up the colours slightly via Lightroom. I must say the vibrant colours are making me very happy. Yes, even at 1am now, which makes me totally sound quite loony actually.

The colours were quite hard to rinse off. I washed my hair twice, and scrubbed myself twice after the event. And yet, my knee and fingers are still tinged with some red (prob cos I scooped red powder to play with at the end). We've heard feedback that that's the colour that is the hardest to rid of. Whoops. Luckily the colours on our faces and hair were easy to remove in comparison.

In short, a really fun event with the girlfriends! I hope the organisers organise it again next year. But hopefully with improved race pack logistics - I heard the race pack collection was a freakin' nightmare. People queued for more than four hours to get their packs, luckily we had our friends to collect our packs for us. Given that it was their first time in Singapore, we hope they learn from this time round and the next year (?) event will go more smoothly! Looking forward to it already!

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