Saturday, March 30, 2013

Strangers Reunion

Following my birthday lunch at Senso, I popped by a new cafe that I had been meaning to check out for some time.

Strangers Reunion

We headed there on a weekday afternoon and the place was actually full. *jaw drop face*

Like any other independent local cafes, the people that hung out there seemed to be the artsy hippie crowd. Heh. A lil after we ordered, I spotted my uni mate who was working near by (in the film industry no less) who had popped by with her work mates for a coffee break. See? Totally proves my case. 

Along with our after lunch coffees, we ordered a matcha red bean cake to share. The cakes selection was quite limited, and this looks the best outta the lot (if I'm not wrong, I think they probably outsource their cakes). The matcha red bean cake was actually quite good. You could actually taste the matcha flavour, the cake was moist, and the red beans were a nice addition.

I was so happy with the cuppa I got cos I mean, did you had a look at the latte art in the first picture in this post? It was gorgeous to say the least. And that's not to say I was happy just because of the latte art, taste-wise, it was also very good, given that the place is opened by a three-time Singapore National Barista Championship winner.

My second visit was even better, I got a lovely swan on my coffee. Seriously, most places I go to normally give me sub-par coffee art. I always look around and everyone else always seem to have nicer coffee art than me. But here, both times I got really pretty latte art. A pretty cup makes me a happy girl. I know. I'm know. I'm a sucker for these lil cheap thrills.

I liked the cafe so much that I actually revisited it again that very weekend with some girlfriends who were eager to check out the place. We had a late brunch/lunch in the afternoon as I was keen to try out the food selections there.

More coffees
Buttermilk waffles with fresh fruits
Scrambled eggs with shrooms

The food there was actually pretty decent. I love the waffles. It was warm and fluffy with a slightly crispy crust. And it wasn't drowned in any sauce or anything, instead, a light dusting of icing sugar and some fresh fruits made it a really good dish.

The scrambled eggs fared well too. The portion was quite generous, the texture was soft and creamy (no overcooked rubbery eggs here!) and thumbs up to the mushrooms on the side too.

Red velvet cupcake

I didn't really try much of the cupcake. My cousin was ordered it as she was craving it. I only had a bite and the taste wasn't exactly memorable.

Overall, nice cuppas and great atmosphere. It helps that the menu options (at least the ones I tried) were pretty good too as some coffee joints tend to perform well with their brews and not food. A recommended cafe to just sit around having a cuppa and people watch. Or you know, attempt to blend into or be part of the whole cool hippie culture. 


  1. I wish places here did coffee art, but not may do. T_T But, I would freak out at how adorable this place is, if I came here in person. LOL

  2. seriously just come sg alr! i'll bring u on a cafe hop haha.


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