Thursday, March 14, 2013

eM & Toby's Estate

I love brunches. It's no secret. It's probably the other cause of why I never ever lose any weight (besides my number one weakness - desserts). I've been trying out a few new places with my friends for the past few months and there were a few hits and misses.

eM by the river

A bunch of girlfriends and I headed to eM after someone in the group suggested it. It's great that my friends are also into trying out new spots so we constantly have lists of our own to compare and recommend. I think the "IN" thing now with Gen-Y locally is that we all head out to different brunch spots during the weekends with our friends (or other halves, in which I'm missing one ha!), rarely visiting the same place a second time unless the place is really outstanding. The F&B scene locally is ever expanding, and there are numerous cafes or restaurants sprouting up every other month or so.

Rosti with fried egg
Eggs Royale
Big breakfast
Crispy chicken wings

We ordered quite a variety to share - the usual suspects, the Big Breakfast and Eggs Royale, plus a chicken sandwich, rosti, and chicken wings. The food in general was all not bad. The only letdown was probably the rosti, which was not crispy enough. The chicken wings were quite good though.

We headed over to Toby's Estate near by for some coffees after cos the girls liked the coffee.

Now this is what I call a a day morning well spent.


  1. You make me so jealous. I would love to go cafe/brunch hopping on the weekends to try out new places. I love the drawings on the coffee. Not many places do that in the US, since everyone buys Starbucks here. Haha

  2. haha wait till u see the upcoming post later in the day...even gorgeous latte art coming right up! ;) i notice that's the whole cafe culture scene - it's more of an asian thing. ^^


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