Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Vanilla Bar & Cafe

Met the girlfriends at a quiet spot in the CBD on a weeknight for dniner. The place was full, but we could still get seats for four quite easily.

 Vanilla Bar & Cafe

Popcorn chicken
Baked mentaiko crab cakes

I thought the crab cakes were pretty unique as they were served in small little crab shells. One of the girlfriend was not as amused though. She was tasting it and went like all "It's crabby." Doh darling, it's crab cakes. Ha! The dish is not the typical crab cake patty found else where, it is a deviation, and some people might not take to it. I liked it fine though.

Mains: Prawn pasta; Slow cooked pulled pork sandwich; Japanese curry; Grilled fish

Our mains were relatively not bad. Prices were reasonable too.

Chocolate lava cake; Vanilla dirt cake

We ordered two desserts to share - one of it being the famed Vanilla dirt cake that my dear cousin said was a must try. When it arrived at the table, after a round of cooing over how cute it looks like, when we stuck our spoons in. Erm. Spoon. Meet resistance. It is essentially just vanilla ice cream at the bottom, topped with an oreo crust. As the ice cream was still hard, it was quite hard to scoop out the ice cream for the first few scoops. When we managed to eat it, it was just, so-so. I mean, it is essentially just plain vanilla ice cream. After which, we asked my cousin whether she had tried it before, she was like, "No. It's always sold out..." Not recommended, unless you appreciate the novelty factor I guess. The chocolate lava cake was slightly better, I mean, how wrong can chocolate get? 

It was quite a nice place to chill out after work cos the CBD area is quite empty, we were the (loudest and) last customers to leave the place cos we had so much time talking and laughing. A recommended spot to just hang out with friends over food and drinks (there's a bar next door too).

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  1. Ahhh I love popcorn chicken. Actually everything pictured here seems wonderful to eat!!


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