Sunday, October 21, 2012

Papa Palheta

Say 안녕 to Papa Palheta.

 Papa Palheta

If I'm not wrong, it's one of the pioneer coffee cafes in Singapore. Now, its last opening day is today, after which, it will be consolidating the business at Chye Seng Huat Hardware (which I'm so gonna visit sometime soon).

I've not been down to that place before even though it is located relatively quite near my area. But when I saw the news that it was going to close its operations, I was determined to make my way down for a visit. By hook or crook. So last week, I did exactly that. (In fact, for the past three weeks, I realise I've been cafe hopping like mad, visiting about two cafes per Sunday. Tsk tsk.)

The place was packed even though it was a rainy day. Girlfriend and I had had brunch at another cafe nearby, before popping by for a second cuppa caffeine here. I know. I really should stop going for cafe hops cos it's just so much caffeine buzz in one day! I'm so not ready to turn into a coffee addict.

Girlfriend had a flat white, while I actually ordered something outta my comfort box - black drip coffee. I didn't exactly liked my PNG cuppa, probably cos I'm too used to milk coffees. I found it a tad too acidic for my liking. The guy at the counter had asked me what kinda coffee I was looking to order, and recommended this as he had ran out of another less acidic blend. I should have stuck to my usual flat white/latte order. Bah.

Nevertheless, I could see why the place had a loyal following. The whole time we were there, customers were just dropping by, and even though there weren't any seats left, most just got takeaway. And I think it's pretty cool that the place had a "pay what it's worth"    philosophy - customers just paid for their coffees according to how much they deem worth. Quite a daring thing to do here in Singapore I think.

I'll be dropping by the new place soon definitely. And skipping the black coffee for sure.


  1. I don`t know if it`s your pictures or all the cute cafes...but every cafe/place you eat out looks awesome and cute~!

  2. lol its perhaps the cafes. singapore is absolutely sprouting cafes. i swear. ;P

  3. heard much abt chye seng huat hardware, now the next time i pop by singapore, it's gonna be alot of coffee places to visit!

  4. yeps i heard good stuff about cshh too! and yeps sg has so many new coffee joints popping up the next time u come u are sure to be on caffeine buzz visiting cafes :)


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