Saturday, October 06, 2012

Spruce at Fire Station

I had been waiting for the place to open for ages since it is so near my place. It was originally supposed to have opened in May, but the opening was delayed for a few months before it finally opened. I was meeting my girl pals for brunch one weekend and immediately suggested the place (probably also because it was like within walking distance to my place...).

Spruce at Fire Station

It's an extremely open and airy space, with high ceilings and pretty woodsy beams and doors. I love it.

The blueberry banana pancakes were as good as I remembered, with those lil crumbly bits on top that were full of crunch factor. Yums. Girlfriends were kinda apprehensive whether it was appropriately considered breakfast material since there was nary a protein in sight. Lol.

I loved the mouthful that I tried of the girlfriend's egg bens crab cake plate. The crab cake oh the crab cake. Let's say I'm really thankful the place is within walking distance so I can revisit it again (soon, I hope!).

I didn't hear the other girlfriend complain about her big breakie, so I guess it went down well! The scrambled eggs were done pretty nicely I must say.

What was brunch without dessert? We shared a really rich chocolatey cake (that looked better than it tasted). Honestly, it was just too rich (and a bit dry) for my liking.

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