Thursday, August 02, 2012

Toby's Estate

Toby's Estate known more for its coffee rather than its brunch menu. I was quite surprised to hear they serve brunch too, so I decided to head there for a visit for brunch.

Toby's Estate

The place was quite packed on the weekend. It gave off a lazy, lounge at the home sorta cafe vibe. Well, maybe I shouldn't call it a cafe. With its tall ceilings, airy space, tall chairs at the sides, huge long canteen style table in the middle of the room, it was almost like being in an overseas apartment.

Menu; Almond pastry

Yes, they do serve food. But options were rather limited. Girlfriend and I ordered a pastry to share, and it was rather lackluster. The flavour of the pastry itself was rather good, but it arrived cold and felt rather like it was a left (overnight) pastry on the shelf. Not exactly what I'm hoping to get for brunch.

The girlfriend's Chai latte; My Latte

I thought my latte was good. I mean, it's a coffee place afterall right? And the chai latte my girlfriend was surprisingly not bad (I had a small sip).

Eggs Royale

The girlfriend and I both ordered the Eggs Royale. I wasn't very impressed with the dish. And girlfriend felt the same. We both agreed that the hollandaise sauce was way runnier than it should be. And one of my "poached" eggs was actually cooked all the way through to the middle - making it a hard boiled egg in truth (which I really hate cos of the cooked yolk).

And what's with the wholemeal bread used? I reckon I've been having pretty good bread served at other establishments so when I saw that they sliced up a piece of wholemeal bread into HALF (ultimately using only ONE piece of bread total), man I was like "Huh?". Not impressed.

I definitely won't be back for the food, but no harm to those who are keen to try the coffee I guess. I can see why it is packed with people during the weekends though, probably cos of the comfortable apartment vibe it has, and it is quite a good spot to people watch/catch up with friends, but that is really just about all.


  1. They have a beautiful space in New York. Coffee is pretty decent, even the decaf latte I had was really smooth.

  2. Ohhh this place looks SO ADORABLE! I wish there were more places like this where I live

  3. cool. i wonder how the nyc and aussie outlets look like. tried googling but didn't found any. but i reckon the styles should be similar to the singapore space?


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