Sunday, August 05, 2012


The same day I visited Toby's Estate for brunch, girlfriend and I decided that we needed some "sweet stuff" to end our meal. I know. How lucky I am that said girlfriend has a sweet tooth like me. Toby's Estate sweet offerings didn't appeal, and neither did any of the other cafes near by at Robertson caught our fancy. Thus, we whipped out our trusty iPhones and started googling for dessert places. What a surprise when we found that several places at Duxton/Ann Siang area were closed on Sundays (either that, or it was too late in the afternoon, and we were afraid that there might not be anything much left...).

We did managed to find one that we agreed on - ReStore. So off we drove (in our respective cars I might add - HA!) in search of that place. I'm no expert at directions, so I trailed happily behind my friend's car. We took a while to find parking (damn Singapore and its limited parking spots), but in the end, we managed to find lots pretty near the place.


It was a really cute vintage furniture cum food cafe. Their furniture looks quite retro, and I think they are actually purchasable as I saw some with price tags attached.

Having visited it (this was a few months back) before I visited the uber popular Carpenter and Cook recently, I thought that there were a few similarities between the two shops - items displayed in the two shops were for sale; and they use pretty vintage crockery to serve their drinks and food.

There were limited options on the menu, and since we already had our cuppa in the morning at Toby's Estate, we decided to skip the drinks here, and just dive into the sweet (read - waffles).

Waffles - Going Bananas and Berry Berry

The waffles were absolutely fantastic. I reckon they are one of the best I've had in Singapore in fact. Soft and fluffy (not too moist, dense), it had the perfect balance of airy and substance. And add a crispy exterior that was crunchy even after we spent some time waffes cam whoring into the equation. My gosh, we were wowed. I had the fresh berries one, while girlfriend had the sliced bananas with caramel sauce one. Both plates had a side of whipped cream (which was super light, creamy and yummy), while I had an additional pot of maple syrup.

Just to point out something that I certainly wasn't wowed at though. I must say that I was just a little disappointed when it came. I mean, the price of each plate of waffles cost about close to $10, but the portion of waffles given didn't quite justify the price? Just look at the above - it was technically half a waffle for each plate. 

Yes, it tasted amazing. But I'm not so sure I would revisit again just to order that. The price of it will make me think twice, afterall, I can always invest in my own waffle machine and make waffles myself. Right? Right. Here's a sound reason why I should totally get myself a waffle machine. *pats self on back*

Anyway, I wouldn't mind dropping by again (if I have the time) to try a cuppa, or just to chill with a book. It was a relatively quiet place that one can sit and relax. I'm always saying I want to chill at cafes during weekend afternoons with a book, but...I can't seem to find the time! Hmmm, I really must do something about that...

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  1. That is some expensive waffles! Yes, I think you should invest in a waffle maker too! :D


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