Saturday, August 18, 2012


Yet another brunch place. What can I say? I love brunch. And there's just a whole list of new places to try out...


I've paid them two visits, the first time, with a girlfriend for brunch, where it was quite crowded and we were seated outdoors. The breeze was blowing, so I was fine with the arrangement, just that I didn't get to view the inside of the restaurant.

I had heard rave reviews about the pancakes. Thus I didn't really pause and look at the menu for too long before making my decision. Tsk tsk. Bad decision. The pancakes everyone raved about was...average. I felt that it tasted exactly like McDonald's pancakes!  I told the girlfriend and after a taste, she kinda agreed with me. Like, I don get the hype! It's like just bigger versions of Mac's hotcakes seriously. Tsk tsk.

The friend's truffled scrambled eggs fared better (I regretted not ordering that) and she polished it off happily. We shared a dessert after that - we asked the waiter for his recommendations and he recommended the tarte a roon. Caramelised apples, walnuts and a butterscotch pecan ice cream (that melted way too fast) sat atop a macaron shell. The dessert was really sweet, but it was bearable as it was split between the two of us. Be warned of the sugar high.

My latte was quite good, and the smell of the truffle fries that the couple ordered the next table over was so tempting...but we were so full. The dining experience wasn't that great, but I decided to revisit it another time to try other dishes.

The second time I went, I went on a weekday for lunch. The place was...quite deserted. We were seated indoors of course. Just look at the airy...empty space around us.

Truffled scrambled eggs; Steak and eggs

I decided to try the Hummerstons Brunch Burger this time round. And it didn't disappoint. The patty was uber juicy and moist, and the burger was stuffed with bacon, tomatoes, veg, fried egg, caramelised onions - basically everything you can think of. They had sliced jaleponos on the side and I happily ate one before remembering I was recovering from acid reflux. Sigh. And had to refrain myself from touching the rest of the jalepenos. A pity the fries served alongside were not the the truffle fries, but I managed to taste the truffle fries as it came with my Sis's steak and eggs. It was pretty yums, but my fave's still the ones at House at Dempsey.

Overall, a pretty good dining place. 


  1. Omg...this place looks TOO PRETTY and cute!! And the food looks great! I`m happy you like the burger, since I`ll probably order that if I ever get the chance to eat here! Too bad it`s in Singapore!

  2. ha im sure there's good burger places everywhere, not only in Singapore! :D


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