Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Da Paolo Bistro Bar

A few weeks ago on a Friday, I met up with my girlfriends for dinner at a quiet spot. On a weekend night, the place was relatively free of crowds (ah, the bliss!). Where am I talking about? Shhhh. Don't tell, but it's actually Rochester Park.

 Da Paolo Bistro Bar

I really like hanging out at places whereby the crowds doesn't hang out too. And that's really quite hard to achieve as Singapore is really densely populated with people everywhere...

But, there's still a few hidden gems and I think I've found one that has a bunch of great dining options - can't wait to check out more of the other Rochester Park restaurants when possible.

Tagliolini con aragostine

We ordered two pastas to share - the Tagliolini con aragostine (crayfish pasta) and one of the specials. (I forgot what was the name, but it should be something with crab meat in it?) Both of the pastas were good, but we all agreed that the star of the show was really the pizza.

Pizza mascarpone, mozzarella, funghi e tartufo

When I saw the words mushroom and truffles on the pizza page, it was really easy to persuade the rest to order that to share. We were all mushroom lovers. Add truffles into the equation, and really, we were just easy lambs led who walk ourselves to the wolf.

The mushroom truffles smell hit our noses right upon our first bite. Oh my my. Give me a moment here while I try to find something worthy of words. Seriously, it's hard to screw up a mushroom truffle anything, and this pizza was fortunately served done up very nicely indeed.

We had another of the specials - a Wagyu beef that was served with a side salad and wedges. This on the other hand, was a big no-no. I certainly don't recommend this beef dish. We had all thought that wagyu beef = thin slices of beef that melts in the mouth. Alas, the beef that was served up didn't taste so, it was quite tough and chewy and it just tasted like a normal beef steak cut.

Torta al cioccolato con gelato alla vaniglia

Both desserts were really really good. As we arrived starving at the place, we seriously gobbled down our food like we all starved for days. In fact, it took us just a mere half an hour to polish off all of the above food. And it's us three girls. Scary isn't it.

We spent the rest of the next hour plus or so just sitting there and chatting, then one of the girl pals had a craving for truffle fries. Guess where we ended up next...

House at Dempsey

Yeah, imagine that, after a big full dinner, we went on to have a second (mini) supper of truffle fries and lemon crumble. I thought that the previous apple crumble I tried on the previous visit was so good, and since they removed it from the current menu, I decided to try out their new lemon crumble. I didn't really like it as much cos I felt that it tasted average at best. Nothing difficult that I can't do myself at home actually. So, key point is = order the bitter chocolate tart at House in future. It's a sure satisfaction.  

I should really stop gorging...It's bad for the waistline. :(

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