Saturday, March 05, 2011

House @ Dempsey (revisited)

I seem to be doing a lot of revisiting of restaurants lately as there are just the couple of handful of brunch places that are well known in Singapore. My friends and I headed down to House at Dempsey recently for a major chill-out long brunch session. Of course, after my first visit that left me a good impression, I was more than happy to go along with the location.

Eggs benedict

I strongly recommended the burgers (which came with the awesome House truffle fries and delish sugar dusted sweet potato fries) and the lobster linguine to my girlpals and two of them ordered the dishes and all gave the thumbs up. (: It's a must have when dining at House! 

Burgers; Lobster linguine
Chilli sauce

I wonder if it's House novel idea of serving sauces, but my pal asked for some chilli sauce, it came plated in a smiley face. How cute is that! Perhaps it was just a one off coincidence, cos our mayo and tartar sauce came in normal regular saucers. 

Mushroom risotto

It was my last week of eating vegetarian, so I ordered the mushroom risotto. It was surprisingly good, very earthy mushroom flavours. Rice wasn't mushy soft or what, texture was just right.

Desserts time!
Apple crumble; Bitter chocolate tart

The girls wanted to try the strawberry shortcake even after I strongly discouraged them lol. End up, we didn't even finish like half of it. Perhaps a three quarters portion was left on the plate after we were done. Our tastebuds were the same, we all didn't really like the texture of the shortcake. I wonder why my Sis thinks it is amazing. Weird.

The apple crumble on the other hand, received praise from all four of us. We loved the crumble to bits. However, I recently checked the desserts menu and the menu seemed to have changed slightly! The apple crumble is no longer in the menu and there's now a lemon macadamia crumble instead! While I'm excited about the combination (total lemon fan here) BUT, I sincerely hope that they havn't removed the apple crumble from the menu!!! I will be super sad. :(

The bitter chocolate tart was also really really good. Funny how the menu introduced it as having a "thick" chocolate crust cos the one we had a really thin crust. Not that I'm complaining, cos the thin crust was really done quite nicely, when paired with the extremely rich and sinful chocolate ganache filling. As a chocolate lover, I couldn't stop my fork from scooping up the decadent treat (though I had to down tons of water after cos it was just too rich and sweet...).

After our long (4 hours again. Yeah I know, long rights. But shouldn't brunch always be like that? ^^) brunch, we headed down to town to walk around a bit and then we decided to sit at a cafe at 313 just to chat somemore. I ordered a fruit tea, which came with cubes of fresh fruit and it was pretty refreshing. Ahhhh. Another lovely day spent indeed. ^^ 

BMC at 313@Somerset; my fruity tea drink

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