Saturday, June 11, 2011

Au Petit Salut

I've been to Au Petit Salut once a few years back for their affordable lunch sets, and then to their sister branch, Bistro Petit Salut at Chip Bee Gardens a coupla times since. The food at both restaurants were quite good, so recently, I found myself revisiting Au Petit Salut again for lunch while I was around the Dempsey area.

Au Petit Salut

The lush surroundings were really nice, but at the same time, such greenery always attracts pesky little things called mosquitoes. They were super annoying and I got bitten quite a bit. The staff were really nice and provided some anti mosquito lotion for us to apply though. Great!

We were starving as we didn't eat breakfast, so as to have a sorta early lunch, so when the bread basket arrived, I managed to snap a quick shot, and immediately, all hands were out to grab their rolls, and I was left to shoot a single roll (mine) in the very next split second. HA!

Scallops entrée

Sis and I ordered ala carte so we shared an entrée. We had initially thought that the scallops were the huge pan seared kind, so we were sorta disappointed when it arrived in a "carpaccio" form. Well, it was still pretty good though, with the sweetness of the red cabbage and grapes to complement it. I like the dressing so I was more than happy to tuck into it though the Sis didn't touch most of it.

White asparagus (one of the set lunch entrée options)
Crispy French duck leg confit

Sis is a duck lover, so she ordered the duck - which was served with sautéed potatoes and a mixed greens salad. I'm not a particular big fan of duck, so I can't comment, but she did say that the dish was good.

Set lunch ;Ala carte Squid ink risotto 

I ordered the squid ink risotto, which was topped with a seafood salad. I like it cos well, most places serve squid ink pasta and I've never seen anyone serve a squid ink risotto before. The rice was al dente and creamy and the seafood salsa salad helped to cut through the creamy richness of the risotto.

Cheese platter; Coconut soufflé; Cappuccino; Warm chocolate cake

We ended off with desserts - the soufflé, the cheese platter and the chocolate cake. We didn't really like the cheese platter much cos the cheeses served were quite strong, and we very much preferred cheeses of milder tones - think Brie and Camembert. The soufflé was alright. The best would be the molten chocolate cake served with a chocolate sorbet and red currant sauce. Anything chocolate is universally liked by most people.

In short, another lovely lunch session. ^^ 


  1. Was the cheese platter part of the lunch set too? The duck confit totally seals the deal for me - I love duck confit and that photo looks amazing!

  2. hmmm i think so, at least that day when i went it was. the menu is constantly changing! when i went to the website to check the menu i couldn't find some of the items i ate the other day. ^^ 


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