Monday, January 03, 2011

Kki (revisited)

With only the few pâtisseries in town, it's inevitable that I'll be revisiting the nice ones to try out more of their cakes. I was back again at Kki for the third time, with the Sister this time, to try my luck at obtaining a Mont Blanc. Alas, the Mont Blanc was not available at our time of visit, so we settled to share the Little Red Riding Hood and Emily.

 Coffee with a small nibble cookie

The Sister was a coffee person, and she ordered a cuppa black to pair with the sweet desserts. The coffee was quite fragrant and had lovely strong coffee notes without sourish tones. She offered me the cookie, which I gobbled up in one mouth cos it was just so teeny. (*Ahms)

We walked there after our lunch at Amoy Food Market, and there were only a few selections available. So in the end, we picked the LRRH and the Emily. As I've wrote about the LRRH in my previous post, I'll just write my thoughts on the Emily.

The Emily is essentially a champagne mousse cake layered with a layer of strawberry jelly. In terms of appearnce, it looks really similar to the Kinabalu, except that it's a girly pink instead of a sunshiney yellow shade. In terms of taste, not so much to talk about. The champagne mousse sounds a lot more nicer than it actually taste, there's definitely an alcohol aftertaste in your mouth, but it doesn't have a sweetish taste, which I would have prefered. And the strawberry jelly was sour rather then sweet, so when paired together, it wasn't exactly one of their best tasting cakes. As like their other cakes, the Emily's cake layer was rather dry.

Sister didn't really like the cake, I was well, sorta neutral, the texture was fine, just that the taste was...not up to a likable standard for me. I really can't wait to try their Mont Blanc...that's the only treat I've yet to sink my greedy paws into. Hmpf.

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  1. looks like you've become a kki fan already haha. $9 is really ex, all these cakes outside are getting really ex actually. anyway i think they're using the nespresso machine, the capsule kind. i always order the cafe latte when i'm there, v good! and the little cookie is a coconut sable i think, its the BEST i ever had. so far i haven't been able to find a recipe like that. sad :(


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