Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mogador macarons

As mentioned in my recent macaron post, I first started experimenting with using the Italian method of making macarons for this batch of chocolate passionfruit macarons. After hearing from Allie how easy the Italian method was, I was tempted to try it out cos my latest attempts at macaron making here and here produced less than desired looking shells. I had a list of potential macaron flavours I wanted to make (yes I do have a list specifically for just macarons, in fact I have several lists of "to-makes", categorised accordingly as "Tarts", "Entremets", "Ice-creams", "Panna Cottas"...you get the idea), and the very flavour topping the macarons list was Mogador. So, what should a girl to do, but dive straight into the fray.

Summery Mogador macarons
Tiffany blue symbolises something for every girl...Would you be happy with this particular box? :)

I was looking for inspiration around my surroundings before I took pictures for this post. As I want to experiment with different styling, I'm always looking for interesting props to add to my photos. I spotted a few fallen flowers on the grass in the front yard. Lovely. I thought they might add an interesting dash of colour to the pictures.

Next, when I was in my room, my eyes stopped upon my little blue box. The one that held the Tiffany pen my uni mates had gotten for me for my 21st birthday. Perfect! ;)

Passionfruit puree; Macarons

One reason why I kept putting off making these macarons was because I didn't know where to get passionfruit puree. In the end, I consulted Evan, and decided to just make my own using fresh passionfruit pulp. It was kinda easy. I strained the pulp and added some sugar and heated it over the stove till it got syrupy. Then I read online that another way was to dump the passionfruit pulp (seeds and all) into the blender and blend before straining the mixture. I wonder if that way works...perhaps I'll try it out next time round?

I used 70% Valrhona dark chocolate to make the ganache instead of the milk that most people use, and Sis felt that the ganache was too sweet for her liking. I suspect that it was because of the added sugar I used for the passionfruit puree, rather than the actual chocolate itself cos it's dark chocolate! How can the dark chocolate be overly sweet on its own? Hmmm.

I thought that these macs were tasty, but I couldn't really taste the passionfruit in them. :( Perhaps the dark chocolate taste was too strong to pair with the passionfruit? Or was it cos I added too much sugar into the passionfruit pulp? I wanted something really passionfruit-y since I really love the sourish-sweet passionfruit taste.

Passionfruit dark chocolate ganache (adapted from Cannelle Et Vanille)

100 grams dark chocolate
40 grams passionfruit puree
20 grams whipping cream
15 grams unsalted butter

Chop the chocolate. 
Combine the passionfruit and cream together and heat in a saucepan. Pour the mixture over the chocolate. Stir until the ganache forms. Cool the ganache a bit before adding the softened butter. 
Stir together till combined. Refrigerate till harden (until it is pipeable consistency) and fill the macarons.


  1. aww the passionfruit milk choc combination is REALLY good, u shd try it nx time! don't use dark choc la, it doesnt pair well at all. u MUST try milk choc!

  2. Evan: kays i will then if u super recommend it. :) :) :) but i need to take a break from macs cos ive been making them quite a bit...i still got another macs post to come...hahaha!

    Helene: Thanks!

  3. The came out perfect, nice feet and all... I have been using egg white powder which helps keep the shells from cracking and keeping the batter at the right consistency... but be rest assured, after many years, and many fails.... many of them turned into whoopie pies... lol

    The Italian version to the French Macaron, for me is more chewy, and has more air, like a bit more plump on top..... I like them both equally. Again... a proud day for you!!! You did a fab job!!!!! Love the photo styling too!

  4. Oh wow. Now don't those look gorgeous. Macarons, to me, still seem really daunting and time-consuming. But I'm sure I'll eventually get to baking them one day. Haha. It's the challenge and the crazy amount of flavour combinations to play with and how adorable and colourful they always turn out!

    Btw, I love the pictures on your blog! What kind of lighting/set up do you use for your home photography if I may ask? I can't seem to find daylight-balanced bulbs anywhere. =/

  5. First thing, I love your banner. It's very simple but bold. && I love your pictures. They are absolutely stunning!


  6. girl paraphernalia: i prefer the italian one! it's more sturdy! think in future i'll try to use it more often. :)

    crunchybottoms: ha thanks. give mac making a try. the flavour combinations are really fun! oh i just use my SLR and a white board. and i always take my photos in the day. :)

    jane: thanks for the compliments!

  7. First thing, I love your banner. It's very simple but bold. && I love your pictures. They are absolutely stunning!



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