Monday, October 04, 2010

Exploring Singapore: Little India

I didn't realise Little India was so huge (ironic that it's name should be "little"...) and only after I've spent two to three hours walking along the streets (we didn't finish walking everything!) that I realise how large the area was.

My snap-buddy and I, we were both tired as hell after our photo session. In fact, we agree that everytime we complete one of our photo sessions, it's akin to a workout. Our feet are sore, our muscles groan and even our butts could ache! That's right. Walking is exercise.

Yet, I really enjoyed Little India. It's one of my favourite places so far for explore photos as there's just so many interesting things and details to that place. Vivid colours, flower garlands, temples, fresh vegetables, interesting characters. That's just some of the stuff I felt were characteristics of that place. I took like a hundred odd photos, and posted most of them up on Facebook. I felt that it would be overkill if I post everything here, so I've just compiled some of my favourites into collages to share. :)

Sri Veerama Kaliamman Temple; Floral buds

These two photos above are some of my favourites in the batch. It's like capturing hints of what it is. Playing hide-and-seek through the plastic covering.

Pink purple gold. 
Cloths at a tailor's shop
Reds & blues

Even though I didn't manage to capture the elderly man facing the front of the camera, I kinda like this back shot of him shuffling away from the camera.

Colourful watches
Shoppers; Mother & son; Workmen; Workman
Hugeass bananas; pomegranates

Those pomegranates were really big and heavy. Good stuff. I took one look and immediately knew I can't leave without getting some. I seeked the help of a fellow shopper, who kindly gave me tips on how to select poms based on when I was going to eat 'em. When I got home and prised open my prize, boy was I not disappointed. The rubies were extra red, and extra sweet. I used 'em in the grapefruit mousse cake here as decoration. :)

Veggies; little eggplants; bittergourd; tomatoes
Medley of dried chillis
Another favourite
Colourful bangles that always adorn the Indian ladies' arms 
Floral garland stalls
Floral garland-ists

Store owner and customer
Ending off with my signature wall cracks shot...


  1. hahaha what signature wall cracks shot! anw, lovely peeks there. didn't know little india can be so photo-taking-worthy ;)

  2. sy: haha i love taking cracks in the walls. so pretty. so u go little india v often ah? i dont ma haha. so everything like woaaah or WOAH. hahahah. (:

  3. hahaha what signature wall cracks shot! anw, lovely peeks there. didn't know little india can be so photo-taking-worthy ;)


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