Tuesday, September 28, 2010

F1 Frenzy

Daddy had some sort of tickets to this Canon sponsored event. Canon invited all the dealers to Fairmont Hotel and they had booked some sorta conference hall for them to catch the Singapore F1 night race 2010. Daddy wasn't interested in F1 or racing or cars (actually neither was Sis and I interested...), so he offered us his invite card. Well, there was going to be free food, and a view, so why not just grab the chance to experience it? I invited Wenli to come along with us for free food and views. Heh. ;)

View from Fairmont Hotel

The curve was right in front of us...
Lovely scene
Figs! But I don't think they're fresh though. Hahah.
More food

Look at that poached pear (part of a salad) there...it was yums, I took the miniature pears...twice hee. There was also fried mantou (bun) to dip in the famous Singaporean dish - Spicy chili crab...sauce. Yup you heard me, sauce, where was the crab??? They must have cooked the dish and the crab either a) magically dissolved into the sauce or b) removed the succulent good stuff. :(

Mini bread rolls to accompany mushroom soup (no picture, but the soup was good)
Buffet line up
Petite selections
The line up of cars!

I must have snapped like hundreds of pictures but they were all repetitive, or blur. The cars were all racing (doh! it's F1!) by fast and furiously, and most of the time I had to click click click on the shutter button. The sound levels were super terrifying. I wonder how people tolerate the noise. My ears were ringing so badly everytime the collection of cars whizz by our area. Vroom Vroom VROOOM nonstop as one after another, they flew by, leaving dust behind their wake.

I deleted most of the hundreds of pictures, and selected only the few that seemed interesting. :)

Haha, something fell off the car!
Favourite shot of the lot

As the ISO was 1600, quality and noise was super bad, but oh heck, what to do, that's the best I can do already. Whatsmore, I was using my Canon Macro 60mm 2.8 Lens okay...haha. As it was a Canon event, the Canon girls were milling about the rooms, and one of them told us that we can even print out pictures for free at the printing machine available! Damn, I just transferred all my pictures earlier in the afternoon to my laptop, if not I would have printed all my personal shots. Haha. Typical cheapo thoughts. ;) We printed two photos for Daddy since printing was free anyway. The photos turned out quite cool! I thought mine was blurry, but then this other uncle showed us his shot and Wenli even laughed out loud as the picture was really blur, blur like it was taken using a handphone kinda blur. 

Sparks at the white car's front wheel!

Okay, I'm not an F1 fan (not all all, sorry Cher Sookee, who I know is one), so this isn't my best experience or anything, just a fun opportunity to go out and play with my camera. Now, if only it was some major food exhibition or show, THAT will be a different story altogether... ;)

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  1. Aw once in a while I like to try something new that I'm not really interested in. I usually have fun even if I'll only ever do it once.


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