Friday, September 24, 2010

Exploring Singapore: Chinatown

Exploring Singapore brings me to Chinatown next. The place that is rich in colours (especially red) and the Chinese heritage.

Chinatown MRT station

Love the heart twine gate.

This place is good for their authentic Chinese desserts such as almond cream (hot), sesame cream (hot) or cold fruity ices. A pity we ordered the Soursop ice, which sadly, tasted quite weird. Everyone else around us was having the Mango or Strawberry ice. We should have followed suit. :(

Couple sharing the Strawberry ice
Tourists; Chestnut seller; Chess players; German sausage man
Fun quirky items
Traditional medicine hall; Chestnut seller
Men milling about the Chinatown square where all the chess players congregrate

Decorations, mostly red-ish and festive-y.
Old man dozing in front of the temple
Bright lantern lights; Temple
Sri Mariamman Temple at Chinatown
Dinner at Clarke Quay, followed by sitting along the river steps
Love it when you shift the lens to unfocus on objects, "bokeh" lights "form"

MICA building with its colourful rainbow windows

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