Thursday, September 30, 2010


What better to post now that it's Oktoberfest than a German restaurant? Heh. Technically our meal was consumed a month ago, but it's pure coincidence that the next up is...Brotzeit.

 Brotzeit at 313@Somerset


Hearty German food is best paired with ice cold beers. I think that's the thought that most people will have, since most German establishments offer a decent selection of beers together with their food dishes. In view of the heavy dinner ahead, (smart) me ordered a smaller pint of beer while the rest ordered the regular pint sizes (which they will regret later on...ha!).

The food came pretty quickly, we didn't have to wait very long, perhaps cos we were one of the first few customers who ordered their meals so they had time to prepare it fast. We ordered a pizza, a salad, the traditional pork knuckles, and a sausage platter to share. The funny thing was, we couldn't find the pork knuckles dish on the menu itself, and after asking the waitress, they do offer the dish, just that it's one of the specials written on the notice board instead of being on the menu. Weird!

 Pork knuckles
 Sausage platter; salad
 Full table
Trio of dipping sauces for the sausages - Apple; Tomato; Mustard

The food was not bad I guess. The pizza, is best eaten hot, as with most other pizza dishes. It has a thin crackly crust and the pearl onions atop the slices adds a sweetness to the dish, I like. The salad was HUGE. I reckon if someone ordered it as a main, it'll be hard to finish it by oneself. They were generous with the toppings, there were plenty of croutons (I like), feta cheese, olives (eeew) and semi-dried tomatoes.

The sausage platter was my favourite. There were like five different sausages on the platter, and my favourite has got to be the spicy chicken and mini pork-beef-cheese ones. And outta the trio of dipping sauces, surprisingly, I loved the apple sauce the most. Tasted really delish with the salty sausages. Sweet and salty. Perfect combo!

The pork knuckle, however, I suppose was only just average. I expected more from it since it's sorta like a "German" must order dish. There was nothing wrong with its serving size, it's a sizable portion, just that, the taste, wasn't "wow" or anything. Daddy says that there's a really good German place at Sunset Way that serves awesomely HUGE pork knuckles, perhaps we gotta go try out the other place soon to see if it's any good!

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