Friday, June 11, 2010

Sticky date pudding 2

It's Friday! Here's some pictures of a sweet treat to brighten the weekend. I've used the Masterchef recipe again for the puddings, as I did the last time round. But weirdly, they taste different from what I remembered. The last time I made it, I remembered it to be softer and nicer, but this time round, they weren't very good. Could it be because I use my silicon molds to make this, whereas the last time round I used a metal muffin tray. Will taste be affected because of what material the molds used are made out of? Hmmmmm.

Sticky date pudding with butterscotch sauce and hazelnut praline

Hazelnut brittle

This is one time where the overall platter looked better than how it tasted (and omg how I hate it when I make something like that :( Sad). At least one good thing came out of the dessert. The hazelnut brittle. I was thinking of going the full shot by making the brittle this time round (I skipped it the last time). But cos I didn't have unshelled almonds, nor chopped almond silvers, I decided on using my hoard of shelled hazelnuts instead. After roasting the hazelnuts, I roughly chopped them and poured the hot sugary sweet mixture over the cooled nuts. Then I broke the brittle into smaller bits for decoration. *Note to self: Never ever use aluminum foil as suggested in recipes as a base for hot sticky brittle. The brittle ended up sticking to the foil after it cooled, and I had to peel it (badly) off the brittle in bits and pieces. Not. Pretty.


  1. it might affect u know, since metal is a better conductor of heat therefore will overbake? it looks good still, but u nv take a pic of the innards? i like yr presentation here, didn't know such a rustic dessert like this can be presented in french entremet style.

    i wanna make this again, the 1st time i tried was donna hay's recipe and it was more cakey than pudding-like. quite disappointed!

  2. Very nice images and surely if we do not consider the problem with the aluminum, the output is still great... also, do not use aluminum for it is not really safe to cook with... it oxidizes acidic substances i.e. tomato. Next time use parchment paper and if you are really for eco life style, try the ecological one, otherwise go with the plain...

  3. evan: it's hard to find a good sticky date pudding recipe! and also, a good rendition in the shops out there. i used to love marmalade pantry's one, then tried it recently and it was totally way off standard! :(

    eleni: thanks, i'll stick to using nonstick parchment cos that's the best for everything. (:

  4. does the brittles look like bak kua or is it me??

  5. aiyo marmalade pantry cannot make it! i only tried it once, last apr and the whole group of us didn't like it. it was very kueh-like leh. btw hv u tried PS cafe's ginger pudding w/ earl grey creme anglaise? its superb!! u must try it when u go there nx time. i heard their lemon pudding is good too :)

  6. does the brittles look like bak kua or is it me??


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