Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Shimbashi soba

Just read in the papers last week that Shimbashi Soba at Raffles Place's gonna be closing soon as their lease is going to end and the management is not going to continue leasing. Aww how sad. I love Jap food, and I've frequented this place several times, each time leaving the place with a happy full tummy. Luckily for me, I'm more a town person then a CBD person so I still can get my soba fix when I want to. The last time I went to Shimbashi Soba, it was in March, when I was still seeking a job and had plenty of free time on my hands. I was in town to fix my (new - then 2 months old) iPhone which just crashed on me for no good reason. Sister rushed down to town after she woke up so we could have lunch and go shopping. We decided to date Daddy dearest for lunch and decided on Shimbashi Soba.

Shimbasi Soba - Sayonara?

My lunch set
My favourite - cold noodles topped with loads and loads of crunchy fried (tempura?) bits
Daddy's lunch set

Daddy is a very simple man. He enjoys simple food. Well, most of the time anyway. So whenever we eat at Japanese restaurants, it's always up to Sis and me to order for him. His standard fare would be something with (prawn) tempura, some sashimi and noodles and he's all set to go. It wasn't difficult choosing something for him here cos he looked at the menu for once and pointed out his choice (Shoukadou set A), which really, contained all of his favourites. (:

Sister's lunch set

Sis ordered the Yuzu Kosho Kamo Seiro (Chilled noodle with sliced seasoned duck meat, wild vegetables, mushrooms and egg in duck broth, served with citrus flavoured chilli). She slurped up her soup (which was salty, I think my Sis has a high, extremely high, threshold for salt and sugar. tsk) happily while I dug a small bit of the yuzu flavoured chilli to try (yummy).

I like Shimbashi Soba's noodles cos they are really "Q" and almost always order the cold noodles cos I feel that it taste better (I worry that the hot noodles might get soggy after a while in the soup). The side dishes are nothing to exclaim about, it's acceptable. But then, it's a soba place, it's supposed to be good at soba, so that isn't a big problem with me cos hey, it's all about the soba when you eat there man. I've never ordered a rice dish, not even once cos always, I'll get the noodles. If you're not there to eat the noodles, why go there? (:

For those who's yet to try the soba place, fret not, even if the Raffles Place outlet is closing (14th Jun), there's always the Paragon outlet...

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