Sunday, June 27, 2010

Beerfest 2010

To summarize, here's the pictures to how much fun Beerfest was. I've more pictures on Facebook, but here's a couple just to rehash memories (:

Beer tokens.
Crowds watching World Cup.
Goodfellas were rockin' the place up!
Mexican food stall with a cutie cashier haha.
Taiwanese beer stand with my favourite beer of the night - Lychee beer! Sg should import this. The girls will love it. (:
Raspberry beer from the World Beer tent.

Flying hair due to massive fan next to us.


Flying hair due to massive fan next to us. 

Stranger helped us snapped a shot and it was clear. Rare. ;)
Row of bottles at the English beer booth
Testing testing... 
Siew's over the legal limit while I'm like way below. snorts.

Fun fun fun! I can't wait to go next year! Gonna date more people so that it can be a bash. Drinks, live music and make merry! Woots.


  1. date me date me!! i promise i wont get drunk! :D

  2. u sure not. that day mambo u didn't seem as tho u like alcohol much babe. ;)


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