Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Brunching @ Riders Cafe

Hey hey. I did uploaded the pictures within the week, in fact on the actual day itself I took them, I uploaded them onto Facebook! What a miracle. As anyone who knows me well will attest to that fact... ;)

I was so looking forward to our brunch session at Riders Cafe, after hearing the reviews about the nice ambience for brunch. We got there, and found that the balcony seats were all taken up (boo!) and settled for seats indoors instead. The place was nice, except for the slight whiff of horse manure in the air for a short moment (from the horses situated nearby). It was a really nice place I guess, if you manage to secure a balcony seat. The place was packed, and noisy chatter filled the place.

My breakfast of pancakes and latte
Adeline's very yummylicious norwegian eggs benedict
The girls' hot cocoa; Mel's spinach and mushroom eggs benedict

It was a pity I was having cramps that day and I was in too much pain to really enjoy myself. It didn't help that I had no painkillers with me and I was just crampin and cramping so badly. In the end, (we drove my Sis's car) we dropped by KAP to get some painkillers and sat there awhile more to chat, before heading home when I felt much better.

Overall, compared to our previous brunch session, we all agreed that the food was better at Riders Cafe, but the atmosphere was nicer at Privé. Riders Cafe tables are spaced together in a way that neighbouring conversations are audible, which  makes it slightly harder to converse easily. Privé was way spacious, the open air space also allowed for a more relaxed environment to chill and gossip comfortably without much hassle.

Also, do note that transport to both places is best if you go by car. The more accessible place would be Privé, as you can stop at Harbour Front MRT and it is still within reasonable walking distance. Whereas for Riders Cafe, you can walk in, at your own discretion. We took the car that day and thank god for it. The weather was sweltering hot and frankly speaking, I can't imagine anyone walking in there just for brunch (without melting in the heat first). The walk seems very long.

Well, both places were enjoyable for their own reasons and I look forward to more brunch sessions in future (sans cramps). I hear there are several other good places like Hatched, Wild Honey, Jones the Grocer and more...


  1. omg miss such foood badly! tell me if there's any nice ones in spore!! we've already got nice ones in australia! =) wild honey's coffee is quite nice. i should try brunch in spore one day.


  2. Jams: We could do brunch if possible before you head back? My last day is 12 Feb (:

  3. Jams: We could do brunch if possible before you head back? My last day is 12 Feb (:


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