Sunday, January 31, 2010

Prive brunch with the girls

Mel is back in Singapore from Melbourne, and we thought that we should all meet up to catch up with one another. What did we do but to meet and eat. Seriously, what else is there to do in Singapore?!?! Haha.

Anyway, we chose to have a lazy brunch session at Privé two weeks ago, at the Marina Keppel Bay area.The atmosphere was really awesome. Tables spread out over the spacious area, so that people can converse easily over their meal without the sound of the next table's conversation flitting into your personal space. It was a good place to chill out with the nice ambience. The food was okay, good but nothing that makes the tastebuds go "Wow." (I'm spoilt by Australia's cafes' breakfasts - think West End's Tempo pancakes-, this is bad that I set that as the bar.)

Privé; Adeline's big breakfast; Seats; Melissa's eggs benedict with smoked salmon

Napkin; Cheryl's pancakes

Inside Privé; My latte; People enjoying brunch; Lovely scenery

My eggs benedict with bacon

We spent a long time lingering after our food was long gone, and made plans to meet for another brunch session before Mel heads back. We were thinking of Riders Cafe as one of our options for our brunch, but the place was popular and required reservations. Thus, we decided to make our brunch session two weeks later (which is actually today, since I always take frickin' long to upload pictures...) on the 31 January. Pictures shall be up (hopefully fingers crossed) soon cos I promised the girls I shall try to post them within a week. We shall see. ;)

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