Monday, February 22, 2010

Chocolate mousse

My friend and I decided to usher in 2010 with a quiet night at my place. We intended to chill and she will teach me this awesome chocolate mousse recipe she said she tried out previously. So, in the end, there were three of us that night. After having a late dinner out, we headed back to my place. Actually, what we end up doing was we spent the majority of the night playing cards, and only a small portion of our time was used making the mousse. The recipe was dead easy and it tasted simply divine. At the strike of midnight, we toasted with wine and these chocolate mousse cups. It was a great way to welcome the new year in I must say (although there goes my plan for a healthier new year...).

Chocolate mousse cups, with crushed oreo bits sprinkled on top.

The mousse tasted really good by itself, or sprinkled with crushed biscuits (think oreos or digestives or even grated chocolate). I reckon the mousse would be awesome in a chocolate cake as a frosting or filling. Hmmm, I should try it out again sometime soon and I'll tell you how it taste. Come to think of it, I don't have the recipe in my recipe book! Okay, there are perks of finally catching up with my baking posts - I gotta hound my friend for the recipe. (:

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