Sunday, November 22, 2009

Vanilla salted caramel and chocolate mousse

I think I am more suited to making cake based desserts, I can't seem to succeed with the mousse (gelatine) types of desserts. The taste of these mousse, although good, were not moussey-like. They were more of a richer texture than the softer melt in the mouth texture I was seeking. I used the recipe from here, and managed to get six tiny shot glasses and three half-filled big glasses.

Lindt 70% dark chocolate; salted caramel; triple mousse verrines.

I am so in love with vanilla beans right now. They have such a lovely vanilla taste that vanilla essence can't beat. I bought a pack of 10 for $10 from Phoon Huat about two months ago and I still have about five or six of them left. I've used them for making vanilla ice-cream twice, this mousse, poached pears and vanilla buttercream for macarons. I am thinking of what I should use the rest for... (: I've put some left over dried vanilla beans with some sugar in a container and the sugar smells simply wonderful.

Thick luscious salted caramel.

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