Friday, November 13, 2009

Grapefruit tarts and pumpkin apple muffins

Well, I've been lazy editing photos so I've a huge ton of photos left to do up. So far, I'm only touching on my food pictures cos I feel happy thinking about them. There's still pictures of friends and family to be posted. Perhaps on FB? Less editing to do thank god. (:

Here's some Grapefruit creme brulee tarts that were made when I was experimenting with dough and also, some pumpkin apple muffins that were made near Halloween, where pumpkins were in abundence. (:

The tarts okay, not as good as it might have sound. I was curious about making it cos the original recipe (which used tangerines instead of grapefruit) sounded so interesting that I just had to ty my hand at it. It tasted suspiciously like orange flavoured egg tarts, with the Grand Marnier flavoured curd below the sugar crusted top. As I do not withhold a blowtorch in my possessions (*hint anyone???) I managed to get the brulee effect by sprinkling the sugar mixture on the curd and heating it with my toaster. Well, one does make do with what one has.

There were some leftover grapefruit curd and I didn't want to waste food, so I spooned them into small glasses (just nice for two!), ladled some mango peach yoghurt I had in the fridge, and topped them with fresh passion fruit. Don't they look so cute? (:

The pumpkin apple muffins were okay, a new flavour combo that I've always wanted to try out since Halloween season made me crave for pumpkin recipes. I used the leftover pumpkin puree and made pumpkin oatmeal for breakfast for the next couple of days. Yum.

I've gotten used to freezing half of whatever muffins batch I bake in the freezer so I can enjoy muffins whenever I want without the hassle of baking them as frequently (in fact, I've got 2 muffin flavours in the freezer now - pear/walnut and pumpkin/apple (: hehe). These pumpkin apple muffins were great toasted, and spread with a little bit of butter when they are still slightly warm.

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