Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Kim's Family Restaurant at Lorong Kilat

Lorong Kilat's been busy these days, what with the new shops that are sprouting along that small lane. Within the last few years, a Korean grocery shop (yay!), restaurants, ice cream parlours have opened there. Luckily for me, that area is within 15-20 minutes walking distance for me, and I find myself walking there more often for icecream, or even dinner with friends.


I tried out Kim's Family a few weeks back and was pleasantly delighted with the range of banchans (side dishes) offered at the place. They gave nine banchans, and even a small fish that made up the total side dishes to ten. I had a craving to try something new - thus, the ginseng chicken soup. Siew ordered the raw tuna salad, and we shared a kimchi pancake. It was alot of food for just the two of us, and we barely finished our meal. (:

Ginseng chicken soup; Raw tuna salad; Hite beer; Kimchi pancake

The food was moderate, a quick fix for Korean cravings when I have the urge. Some banchans were nice, some so-so. I especially like the kimchis type of banchans more just because I like kimchi. The ginseng chicken soup was good, that's a personal opinion of mine without any comparisons to others as it was my first taste of this dish. I thought the pancake was okay, but it could have been better if it was crispier around the edges. That, again, is a matter of personal preference. I miss the pancake from Brisbane's Mad Tong San! The pancake was thin and crisp and the dipping sauce was awesome. Sigh.

Smiley Siew.

Silly Siew.

Nevertheless, I had a good time with Siew there. In fact, we visited it again recently (but I left my SLR at home :( ). And they gave a total of 11 banchans, plus the small fish the second time round! We ordered the barbeque pork to share and I think it was not that great. I think I was spoilt by Woo Aa's homecooked Korean barbeque in Brisbane that's why. I love Korean food. (:

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