Monday, September 14, 2009

Graduation Trip

I was just a first year student at QUT, with my eyes wide open. Three years later, here I am, finally a university graduate. I've learnt alot. About life, about people, and most importantly, about myself. Now, it's time to bid my alma mater adieu, and put on my graduation cap. It's been a really great journey. I just wish I had a longer time at uni.

Here's a condensed pile of photos, the full album (okay not full since I wasn't about to upload EVERY single photo from my camera) is available for viewing on Facebook.

Most of all, I'm thankful to my family.

Thanks to my dad, who forked out my hefty university fees, so that even when I didn't get into NTU's SCI, I can study Mass Communications. I love him for being him.

Thanks to my sister, who was just there whenever I needed a listening ear and everything else. I'm glad that we didn't grow apart despite the distance seperating us. Whenever I was back for the hols, it was just as though I was never away at all, the laughter, the gossip, the times together.

Thanks to Jos, who made my life in Brissy more exciting and for being an awesome gossip buddy. You were my best pal in Brissy and I really treasure the times we have there together. Love you!

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