Friday, September 11, 2009

Random fun facts, And triple choc tarts.

Random happenings. They can be amusing or miraculous. Depends on how you're looking at it. ;)

On Thursday, there was a brief short span of heavy rain in my area, and it actually rained ice. Yes. You didn't see wrongly. I wrote i-c-e. Super miniscule and few, but yes, water in its solid state - ice. Hohoho. My dad was so amazed by the fact. Siew, on the other hand, think it symbolises the end of the world. snigger.

Met up with Siew for dinner tonight and we happened to chance upon two rare sights.

No1.: After dinner, while walking along the streets to digest our steaks, something plopped from the sky to the very spot right in front of me. There I was, with my foot in the air, about to step down again, when the dubious white thing splat down (with an audible "plop" that Siew said she heard). Guess what? I just narrowly missed being "bombed" by a bird, or from another perspective, avoided stepping onto the white fresh bird poop.

No2.: Then along the same stretch of road, just further down (fine, it was in town, seriously, if you want to witness entertaining things like me, just head down to town to get your dose of entertainment. snorts), we were waiting at the traffic lights cross junction to cross the road, when a car zoomed out from the perpendicular road to where we stood, and I meaned ZOOMED. As it was traveling at a high speed and turning at the same time, it totally went like zig zag onto the main road (lucky there werent any more cars zooming past like what the car did, so, no accident.) and I swear everyone's eyes in the vicinity were locked onto that car and its hellidon'tknowhowthepersonpassedthedrivingtest driver. Total F1wannabe antics, and it wasn't even for a filming for a show or anything. Gosh.

So yeah, just wanted to share with you some random titbits, cos I havn't been updating with any interesting news lately. (: And of cos, I'll end off with food porn again. ;) This time, of the triple chocolate tart I made couple weeks back, before I went to Aussie.

I try to use good chocolate whenever I bake. It's Lindt all the way for me. I love the 70% dark chocolate. I miss getting bars of it whenever it goes on sale at either Coles or Woolsworth. The price (cheapest - AU$2!) is so much cheaper than in SG (S$5.50) for one bar. For my convocation trip, I set off with the heart to buy Lindt bars in bulk back. Imagine my disappointment when it wasn't on sale at both supermarts. THEN. While shopping at Target with my friend, she pointed out the confectionery stand to me and said, "Hey, Lindt chocolates are on sale!" Guess who left the store with TEN bars happily tucked away in her bag... ;)

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