Sunday, December 13, 2015

Bangkok 2014: 3 Desserts to Try in Bangkok

Sweet tooths in Bangkok unite. There's a lot of dessert choices in Bangkok. I tried three in my trip last year, and though I'm pretty sure they are already well known in the blogging universe, but hey, there's never too much desserts photos right? ;)

1. Coconut icecream at Chatuchak Market

Coconut ice cream in Chatuchak Market, Bangkok
Coconut ice cream

This needs no introduction. Pretty much everyone I know has heard of this. There are apparently a few coconut ice cream stores in Chatuchak Market, but this was supposedly the best. It's located right smack in the middle of Chatuchak, and you get a small cuppa coconut juice along with your coconut ice cream order. Love love love this. This might just be my favourite dessert in Bangkok. So refreshingly good in Bangkok's unforgivable heat. I'm not ashamed to say I had two of it at one go (as lunch) on an especially hot weekend afternoon.

2. After You 

Another dessert shop that needs no further introduction, this has a loyal fanbase. They have several branches in Bangkok, and no matter which store, there's always a queue of youngsters waiting their turn for the extremely photogenic and diabetic-inducing sweet honey toast.

After You Thonglor branch (day and night view)
Matcha Honey Toast
After You menu (extensive isn't it?)
After You Siam Paragon branch
Signature Honey Toast; Ferrero Honey Toast

There are two sizes of the honey toasts. The regular and the mini. The regular was too big for one person, so it's perfect for sharing. I love the mini portions though, cos that means you can get more flavours to try if you are with a friend (or more). The toast was really very 
buttery and sweet. So even though I'm a dessert person, this wasn't something I loved. A good to try place nevertheless.

3. Kyo Roll En

If you are a fan of matcha, you can give this Japanese specialised desserts cafe a try. The ice cream is too icy for my liking, but the goma parfait and the roll cake were not bad.  

Kyo Roll En Siam Paragon
Tsujiri roll set; Goma parfait

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