Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Artichoke Cafe & Bar

It's not a new brunch spot, it's not the usual brunch crowd you see at a typical cafe, and it's not serving the common brunch fare you see at every other brunch place. So where's this place again?

Artichoke Cafe & Bar

Artichoke has been on my to-visit place like forever. I've been there twice now, and I can say that I love the food there. The grub here is Middle-Eastern food, perhaps that explains why you don't see "big breakfast" or "waffles" on its menu. In fact, the brunch menu is pretty limited - there are only about seven items, but you get stuff like pita, haloumi cheese, feta and more.

Now isn't that a pretty sight? I'm not a cauliflower girl. I prefer broccoli instead. Yet, I had seen the cauliflower dish being raved about by others on social media, so guess what I ordered...

Artichoke Cauliflower Sabbich

The dish was aesthetically pleasing, and tasted divine. What more can I say? I never knew cauliflower could taste so good. So much colours, flavours and textures on a plate. I love love love it. I went there twice, and both times, I got the same dish.

On my first visit, I was with a girlfriend, so we ordered the cauliflower sabbich, haloumi and mushrooms, and a side of pork belly to share. The second time I went, I told the family I wanted brunch for my birthday meal, and proceeded to drag all of them with me to Artichoke.

4-cheese and truffle oil sandwich; Haloumi & Mushrooms; Bacon & Eggs

My dad thought the place was pretty good, but it was not exactly the Sis's cuppa tea. I guess it depends on personal preference I guess. Oh, and while the food was great, the drinks were just average. I mean, it's not a coffee place or anything, so just normal coffee here.

One last parting egg porn shot. ;)

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