Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters

Hi I'm still alive.

I tend to disappear for weeks on the blogosphere, then reappear for a bit, before the cycle repeats. Ha. I blame it on my short attention span.

Anyway, here's one of my favourite cafes (which I haven't visited for a while, but still...) which has amazing natural sunlight, white walls, and wooden tables. Been here a few times and every single time I step into the cafe, cue *dreamy sigh*.

Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters

I've been here several times and the coffee never disappoints. The coffee art is constantly easy on the eyes too.

The food here is really good too. The must order dishes at Pacamara are probably the Salted Caramel French Toast, and the Eggs Benedict. I've tried both and it's thumbs up from me for both dishes.

They have a dinner menu too, and I've been by once with a girlfriend who lives near the area. The sweet potato fries are to die for. The mains are okay, nothing too memorable, decent fare, but I much prefer the brunch menu. The girlfriend had chicken, while I had the beef.

See? Loads of lovely light streaming into the simple space early in the morning (explains why there's no one in my shot). Love love love it.

I'm normally not a eggs benedict sorta girl, but the dish somehow always make an appearance on the table (be it my friends, or I who order it) every time I'm there. The Salmon Royale was pretty interesting cos they added tobiko to the hollandaise sauce, which provided a nice crunch texture to each mouthful.

I tried the hot chocolate upon my girlfriend's recommendation and it was pretty good too.

The Oven Baked 5-cheese Mac and Cheese was also really good. Al dente pasta, swimming in a creamy sauce and smothered with tons of cheese. What's there to not like about it?

Haven't really been cafe-hopping these days. There's another pretty cafe with white white decor that recently opened its doors a couple of months back. Can't wait to check it out to see if it's good.

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