Thursday, July 30, 2015

Hong Kong 2014: On the Streets of Hong Kong

Hong Kong. It's the land of food and shopping. I'm sure everyone is well aware of the fact. I'm no exception. Just that, even though I've been there several times in the past, I did not pay attention to anything else much in Hong Kong besides well, food and shopping. When I was much younger and still schooling, I was focused on the shopping aspect of Hong Kong whenever I flew over. Then in my past two trips within the last five years, I was obsessed with the dining culture of Hong Kong. Luckily though, in the midst of all the pigging out I did on my last trip in 2014, I somehow managed to pay some attention to my surroundings, and capture non-food related snaps.

So there you go, a behind-my-lens POV of the bustling city.

Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong 2014

Typical HK high-rise building; One of the many jewellery shops lining the streets

Stairs; More stairs

Pride in Rainbow campaign

I kept seeing these colourful rainbow motifs on the streets everywhere I went. And apparently, it's by the anonymous group Pride in Rainbow, as part of a message of tolerance for the city's LGBT community. Have a read more on that here.

Guerilla knitting

I managed to spot another interesting project on the streets - yarn bombing. While walking around in search for cafes, I spotted this railing covered in yarn, which brought a smile to my face. I couldn't resist a shot of it cos it was too cute. So I tried googling about it and hey, it was knitted by a lady, Esther Poon, and here's the write-up I found on her work. I thought that it was a pretty cool thing to do, cos you know, when the weather is cold, metal railings tend to be cold to touch, and with the warm knitted cover, the railings will not be as cold to touch?

I hope that the next time I head to Hong Kong, I'll get the chance to snap more street photography. Till the next time then~

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