Sunday, May 10, 2015

Japan 2014: Tokyo sightseeing

The second last post on my Japan 2014 trip, will be made up of sightseeing photos taken at famous landmarks, and random on-the-street shots.

I always tend to hurry my travel posts along, especially right before I head for a next trip. It's not any different this time. As you're reading this, I'm probably still in the midst of a vacation right now, so I better bid "sayonara~" to my Japan pictures soon.

 Shibuya crossing, Tokyo 2014
 Random street snaps
 The BIL & Sis; Me
 明治神宮 (Meiji Shrine)

The family (me included) visited a few tourist attractions in Japan, one of them being the Meiji Shrine. We went in the mid-morning, and the place was not too crowded. We actually saw like four weddings in our short time there, so I guess it's a really popular wedding location? Being a "kay-poh", I managed to snap a few voyeuristic shots of the wedding couples.

Wedding couple #1
Wedding couple #2

Wedding couple #3

Wedding couple #4

I could be mistaken, there could be repeat couples, and the brides could have just changed the outfits, but let's just say there were four couples. All the brides' wedding outfits were so exquisite! All those kimonos were really beautiful, and it was so apt that they were decked in such traditional Japanese outfits in the lovely scenic temple setting.

Wishes on wooden plaques

Right across the street from the traditional Meiji Shrine, was the hipster modern Takeshita Street in Harujuku. A place where all the trendy youngsters hung out at (as photo above). There were clothing shops, a huge Daiso, food booths, crepe stalls and many more along this path. Quite a good place to just stroll along after a visit to the Meiji Shrine.

Random snap while walking back to our hotel
Train tracks
Night time in Tokyo

One of the larger pedestrian crossings

Mini alleys filled with bars and yakitori shops
浅草寺 (Sensoji temple)

Yet another famous temple in Japan, the oldest temple in Japan, the Sensoji temple, was located at Asakusa. When walking into the temple, one must cross a short shopping street called Nakamise Shopping Arcade. There are shops selling various traditional Japanese knickknacks and snacks here, which are suitable as souvenirs.

I read somewhere that, these lil slips of papers are actually fortune papers that you obtain from a temple official (after you had selected your fortune stick), and if the paper says you have bad luck, by tying it onto these racks provided, you can chase the bad luck away. Interesting.

Ice cream!

Yes, the weather was freezing cold, and we were all bundled up in our thick coats, but it's really awesome eating ice cream in such chilly weather. We shared two flavours - the matcha and milk.

And then after which, we had to warm ourselves with some sake. We bought a cuppa hot sake (together with a few sticks of sweet dango mochi pieces) and stood by the sake stall sipping our hot beverage. It was drizzling by then, so the hot drink was definitely needed.

Parting shot of a gif at Shibuya crossing. Till the next trip~


  1. Ice-cream in cold weather tastes so much better!!! And their soft serve is SOOOOOOO GOOOOD! I miss Japan =(

  2. yes! totally regret not having more when i was there!

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