Saturday, May 02, 2015


Yet another birthday meal last year. A friend and I had for the past year, treated each other for our birthday meals. I'd previously treated her to Fat Cow, and in return, she treated me to a meal at Aoki.

Aoki Maze Chirashi

Aoki's mazechirashi is renowned. Just as how Fat Cow = wagyu don, Aoki = mazechirashi. I'd heard loads about how Aoki's chirashi is the best in Singapore, so I thought I should give it a try to see if it was indeed true.

The restaurant wasn't too big, there were counter seats down a small flight of steps, where the chefs prepared the food, and a coupla tables right along the entrance area. Sitting at the counter afforded a really good view of the chefs at work.

Main highlight of the meal

Without much hesitation, the girlfriend and I each ordered the mazechirashi lunch set. Most places serve their chirashi-don as thick slabs of fresh sashimi on a bed of sushi rice. Aoki's mazechirashi featured a mix of fresh cubes of - sake, maguro, ika, uni, ikura and tamago, topped with fresh wasabi and cubed cucumbers (those must be some really small cucumbers - just look at how teeny the slices are!). In fact, the ratio of sashimi to rice was almost 2:1. Every mouth I ate, there were plenty of fish cubes to accompany the perfectly cooked fluffy grains of rice. Yes, it was definitely the best of chirashi I've ever had in Singapore thus far.

After we had wiped our bowls clean, the waitress cleared our plates, and brought out two lovely trays of miniature desserts that came together with our lunch set. I feel that the food at Aoki is not only tasty, but also aesthetically pleasing. The place actually pays attention to minor details when presenting food - for e.g., the dessert tray was lined with a pretty Japanese patterned paper. The desserts were equally as delicious as the main course. I loved all three of them, the pudding especially, cos it was so silky smooth, unlike any pudding I've ever eaten before.

Trio of desserts: Plum wine jelly, yuzu ice cream and pudding with figs 

The food at Aoki was superb. But it's definitely one of those places where I'll save up to go for special occasions, cos it's not exactly very wallet-friendly... ;)

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