Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Tiny Roasters

There's this really tiny coffee spot that opened in the West recently and the coffee is pretty good over there.

The Tiny Roasters

I popped by the place on the weekend they opened. The place was full with people (it's the weekend afternoon) and I was wondering how my friend and I were going to get seats. Luckily, we spotted a couple leaving right in front of the bar area, so we quickly maneuvered ourselves onto the vacated stools.

Looking at the menu, they offer black or white brews. The pal and I both chose the white brew (West Street). It was actually quite nice sitting there, watching close-up at the barista and co bustling around prepping the cuppas.

The white brew was pretty good with a distinct nutty aroma tone. But I was there to try the cold brew as I had seen on Insta that the cold brew was going for a deal (cheapo that I am). Unfortunately, they had ran outta the cold brew, but they did have samples for customers who wanted a try. The cold brew (West Street) surprisingly had a very small acidic (then again, most black coffee does) tone which wasn't present in the white brew. Girlfriend got another cuppa - the Panama Black this time round. I had a sip, it was a lil fruity, but also not too acidic. I'm no coffee connoisseur, but after drinking so many coffees from different places, somehow, the notes for the different beans do jump out at times that even I (a coffee noob) can pick it up. It would be quite fun to go for a coffee class or something yeah to learn more in depth about coffee...

Iced cold brew (sample)

If you're in the area (it's quite near West Coast Plaza), do check it out - it's situated under one of the HDB blocks nearby.

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  1. Haha, I'm not an expert on coffee either but after a while, you really do start tasting differences in bean and brews. Cute little spot--thanks for showing us!



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