Friday, October 17, 2014


Hi, I'm back from my Seoul 2014 trip for about two weeks already. Am currently experiencing post-vacation withdrawal symptoms. (But then again, I'm perpetually in this state like eighty per cent of the time - the other twenty per cent being when I'm actually on vacation ha!).

Decided to keep up with my sporadic monthly blog posts. So here's a great lil cafe I went a while ago. It's not too hyped up in the cafe scene, but I actually really liked this space.


Rouse is a Halal cafe located around the Jalan Besar/Lavendar area. Street parking was readily available on both sides of the road (it all boils down to your luck in securing an actual lot). I was on half-day leave and met my girlfriend at the cafe for lunch around 1ish. I guess I had parking luck on my side, I managed to snag a parking lot a few doors down from the cafe.

"Our camera eats/drinks first." - How apt.
Decent cuppas with pretty latte art

The current trend in cafe decor is probably the raw minimalist approach. I like the decor at Rouse, where everything was really raw and edgy, with the peeling pale grey walls, bricks textured floor and wooden/metal furniture. And what's a hippie cafe without some pretty bulbs hey?

Crabby patty
Open-faced roast beef sandwich

I thought the food here was not bad. The Crabby Patty - the two crab cakes stuffed generously with fresh succulent crab meat had a slight crisp texture from the breadcrumbs, and the mango salsa sauce was slightly sweetish and complemented the crab cakes well. The Open-faced roast beef sandwich - I liked the flavours, but I thought the cut of beef used was a tad too chewy for my liking. Other than that, I loved the soft toasted brioche-like bread and the caramelised onions in the dish. Both dishes came with a generous serving of side salad.

The dishes were served on parchment paper (similar to the kind you get from buying economical beehoon packets from the market) on metal pan dishes and I guess it was pretty smart of them to do so, cos washing up is made easier yeah?

I actually left my brolly there accidentally, and realised it only after I finished my movie a few hours later. I popped back again then to grab it, and the staff were as friendly as before, smiling and waving hi and all. Nice ambience, food, coffee and service. Definitely thumbs up.

On a side note: Finally. I'm done with the post. I was so tempted to call it quits half-way crafting this blog post. Pardon my grammer/vocab/spelling errors if any. What with my 6-hours or less sleep on a daily basis, I'm practically a walking zombie and was right about to doze off while crafting this at 9ish on a Friday night. I know. What an exciting life I lead. Not. I'm sheepish to say that I'm secretly glad I have no plans tonight so I can head to bed early (read - like now, NOW). G'd night folks, while I catch up on beauty sleep so I can wake up for brunch tomorrow...*big yawn*

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