Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Dutch Colony Coffee

Managed to drag my pal with me to Pasar Bella one early morning for some breakfast. And to explore that new space of course.

We were there super early, and the stalls had just opened, or were just starting to open. We walked around, and bought several small stuff to munch on. Which means we got to sit at various spots to nosh on our food. A chicken pie from Rabbit Carrot Gun. A ciabatta bun, pain au chocolate, and a lemon meringue cronut from Da Paolo. Yes, I couldn't resist trying the latest fad - it was delish, but no I can't say I'm a convert of the popular croissant-doughnut hybrid.

Dutch Colony Coffee

Afterwhich, a cuppa coffee seems just about the thing I needed, for it was a weekend morning afterall. Weekend mornings should normally be spent sleeping in. Preferably till your natural body alarm clock wakes you up. Alas, I rarely ever get to do so, as weekends are made for brunch outings with the girls, impromptu family brunches at home, or sometimes, *gasp* I even wake up early just to bake. Yep, that's how my weekends roll.

The coffee there was great. Perfectly balanced. Not acidic? Check. Not too milky? Check. Caffeine buzz? Check. My standard for coffee isn't very high. I'm no coffee connoisseur that's for sure.

I can't wait to head to Pasar Bella again to try other stuff. Like the delish looking paella that was bubbling merrily in the huge pan I saw at one of the stalls...Oh, and I'll definitely be popping by Dutch Colony Coffee for a cuppa too.

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