Monday, September 23, 2013

Cups and Canvas

The Singapore I knew as a child did not encourage the arts industry. The era that I had grown up with had the old school mentality that one has to be in the medicine, law, finance sector to be considered "successful". Thankfully, we've since progressed beyond that. Slowly, yes, but baby steps is considered a positive change.

 Cups and Canvas

While not an arts person myself, I've seen the change in the arts scene. From the opening of specialised arts schools, to businesses that promote local artists (via paintings in cafes, to live music at dining spots), it is heartening to know that more people are actually encouraged to be in the arts industry. I've always admired those who make a living in the arts scene, for they are often open and creative people, and who are doing what they like as a career.

Goguma latte & Red date shake

Popped by a cafe that combined arts and food in one spot. The cafe offers arts classes, thus it was not surprising to see several huge paintings on the walls, and unfinished art canvases at the side of the cafe.

It's rare to see a cafe offer sweet potato (goguma) latte. I first had goguma latte in Korea and loved it. So when I saw that Cups and Canvas offer the drink when browsing through the net one day, I decided to mark it down as a "to-try" place. It was pretty decent, a little bland as it was not sweet at all, perhaps the sweet potato used was not of the sweet kind? Not too sure if the cafe used sweet potato puree or mashed sweet potato.

Love the chix pasta. I thought that it was spicy (and my spicy tolerance is quite good), but thankfully, an enjoyable spicy level, not the tears-inducing, tongue swollen kind, but perhaps the heat in your mouth gives you a kick kinda spiciness. There was a promo of some sort, a pasta and a drink costs just $12.90. So in my opinion, quite a worthy deal.

The friend had the burger. I had a bite and thought that it was a tad dry for my liking. For desserts, we shared an earl grey cheesecake.

The food was unpretentious and reasonably priced. It was quite a quiet night too when we popped by, so actual conversation was able to take place (unlike if it had been a noisy place and we are trying hard to talk to/hear the other party). Quite a nice place to check out.

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